Torment: Tides of Numenera Walkthrough are covered on this page. More information will be added as it becomes available.




When exploring a new map, remeber to press TAB to see if there are any interactable objects.

Not all crisis equals to fight, in some of them you may try to talk with your enemies, which is the better strategy.

You can use Bronze Sphere to summon your compainions after Sagus Cliff, so remember to bring it with you. 

Sagus Cliff

After you created your character and left that strange place inside your mind,the game officially starts. (See Character Creation if you want to know more.) You wake up in a Broken Dome, which looks strangely familiar but you can not remember more. Two explorers, Aligern and Callistege witness you fallen from the sky and survive the impact. They are curious and interested about you and are able to answer many of your questions. You can let them join your team after the conversation, they are both Nanos with unique Descriptors.

Before you leave this room, don't forget to exaimne the objects within. If you have proper stats, you can gain extra exp here.

Outside the Broken Dome, four former colleagues of Callistege find you and believe you are the falling star they saw. They are hired to take you with them. If you have high Intellect stat and deception skill you can talk your way out, but doing so only gives you 50xp. You can also tell them the truth and fight them, it's easy and gives you more exp along with some items and Shin. You can also decide whether or not to let their leader live, no matter what you chose, Aligern and Callistege get into another argument before leaving the area, you have to decide which one of them you want to travel with.

Sagus Cliff is the first major area in Torment: Tides of Numenera, it has five major sub areas: Circus Minor, Government Square, Cliff's Edge, Underbelly and Caravanserai. Each subarea is populated and filled with side quests. There are two place you can sleep, first is Changing God cult's camp in Circus Minor, they charge a fee of 40 shin per person. Another is Tranquility's inn in Caravanserai, the charge is 20 shin for each member at Last Castoff's party.Sagus cliffs at dawn chang yuan

In order to continue main story, two main quest-Fallen to Earth and The Cold, Caculating Jack- need to be finished before you can move to next major area in Torment: Tides of Numenera. However, before you leave, there are many side quests worth of your time. One recommend route is recruit Tybir in Circus Minor by finish quest Stay of Execution first, he is useful in both combat and diplomatic situations. If your character is not a diplomatic build, then Tybir is a must have.

Before you pick any other quests, you may want to pay Aidan Sitabo in Cliff's Edge a visit.Defeat him increase your Speed pool by one permanently.Save your game before challenging him, so if you fail you can have a second try. Similarly, O and Dhama in The Fifth Eye can increase your Intellect pool permanently. Making you more capable in dealing with most situations.

There are some side quest you probably dont want to miss in Sagus Cliff area, like The Sorrow's Prey  and Shaky Foundations, they provide good rewards. Quest Beloved Slave leads you to a potential party member Rhin. Another party member, Erritis, can be found in Cliff's Edge.

Some quests are also recommanded because they can be done with the main quests, like Borrowed and LostCircles in Red and The Airship Thief. If you want to experience more flavour of Torment:Tides of Numenera, you can check our Locations page for quests in each seperate area.

When you feel prepared, talk to Master Rennio in Caravanserai to take Last Castoff to next major area.


Valley of Dead Heroes

The first time you arrived, some Children of Endless Gate will ask you to search for 2 memorialists for them before letting you in. Help them find these memorialists (interact with stone behind you), decieve them you couldn't find anyone, or simply attack them to get in. (You dont want to turn these memorialists in if you want to complete Endless Horror  quest on memorislists' side)

ValleyOfDeadHeroes1In this area you can teleport form place to place through tears in the space, there is also places you can interact to get more XP (dont forget to inspeact that animal statue, it not only gives you XP, but an eaiser way to complete The Caretakers' Riddle), see our Valley of Dead Heroes for more detail. There is another two side quests you can acquire, Phoenix's Wisdom  and Severed Child. (By talking to Phoenix and Interact with the floating obelisk.) Complete Severed Child may help you solve the Endless Horror peacefully. (And absorb one of your brothers, gain an addtional ability.)

Venturing forth to Necropolis Entrance  ,the memorialists have placed a whisperlock on the Necropolis's teleport terminal. It's impossible to enter the tombs beneath until the lock is removed. If you learn the name of that strange statue outside (by looking into its eye multiple times), and you can scan thoughts. You will find the password yourself. You can also promised the memorialist that you will help them so Taliro will tell you the password.

Chose a side between memorialists and Children of Endless Gate, note that Motley dont want to keep his end of bargain. If you decide to help the memorialists, Taliro will ask you to close the gate of Endless Gate.

There are numerous tomb here you can explore:

  • 3-4-3-1, code form Matkina
  • 3-5-4-3, code from Tantalum
  • 1-5-3-5, code from Phoenix
  • 1-2-5-4, code from Talira Kyo, the Gate of Endless Gate and their lord Inifere.
  • 4-1-3-5, code from a memorialist's corpse.
  • 5-1-4-3, code from a note on Motley's body
  • 4-2-2-1, code given to you by Oddwald the Sane 
  • 2-4-1-3, code given by Ronos Cai'sul

Note after viewing 20 Graves the next tomb you enter you will meet Hiro and he will grant you the Circulating Merecaster. After viewing 50 Graves you will receive the Philactory cypher and gain an in game achiemvent. The next tomb you enter Silver will appear again wanting it. If you let him use it you will gain 40 XP and lose the item. He will then become a husk and you can choose your reward: a ranged weapon called Gravitational Overseer, a cypher called Image Projector or your Lore: Machinery skill will be increases one level.

To progress the main quest line, you only need to find the First Castoff's Tomb (code given to you by Matkina.) However it's strongly suggest that you complete Severed Child  and Endless Horror first. (Not only for XP or Shins, but the endings)

Complete Severed Child  quest first:

  • Visit Oddwald's Tomb, code 5143, ask him about the story.
  • Visit Choi's Tomb, code 4221, learn the name of severed child. 
  • Talk to Ronos Cai'sul's at the landing zone of valley, ask him about his name. (that is, you didnt turn them to Children of Endless. But even if you do, this quest can still be completed.)
  • Visit Ronos Cai'sul's Tomb, code 2413. Learn the story of severed child.
  • Visit Endless Gate, code 1254. Enter the portal and persuade Inifere.( or kill him)

Then the Endless Horror:

  • The endless gate is at Necropolis Tomb - 1254, but dont just get there right now unless you dont want to solve this peacefully.
    complete quest Severed Child , then enter The Endless Gate.
  • Find Inifere inside the endless gate, convince him to close the gate or fight him.
  • Report to Memorialists.
  • Talk to Ronos for reward.
  • If you manage to persuade Inifere close the gate, you can later find him inside your mind. Absorbing his emptiness grants you Inifere's Madness

Once you complete all the quests here (including Phoenix's Wisdom ), you can proceed to the next area through First Castoff's Tomb. Be prepared cuz you wont get a chance to come back. 

Miel Avest 

Only one quest here in Miel Avest, The Sanctuary of Miel Avest. But here you can purchase upgrade equipments for your teammates from Lady Anshe. See our The Sanctuary of Miel Avest . It's suggest that you dont try to save anyone except Andronus and Raima, since even if you saved the rest of Castoffs somehow, they have no impact on later game experience.


Your primary task at Bloom, is to find First Castoff. To achieve that, you need to complete quest Dracogen's Price, or Covetous Hearts. Both quests requires travel to different regions in Bloom, see our individual location pages for additional XP and side quests (Memovira's Courtyard, Memovira's Fortress, The Vast Interior, Trade Post, Chiurgeon Slump, Old Slave Block, The Ascension).

To complete you need to find Magmatic Annulet, which is at Crystalline Cavern. To reach there you need to visit The Vast Interior  first, then Chiurgeon Slump, Trade Post, The Ascension.

To open the portal from Chiurgeon Slump  to Trade Post. Ask Sheen at Chiurgeon Slump to give you an essence of Artaglio, then offer yourself to Maw. At The Ascension, talk to The Speaker first so you can further explore the area, then ask The Builder to reveal the Crystalline Cavern.Bloom1

Inside Crystalline Cavern, interact with the machine left by Changing God (try to remember its instructions. Press glyph with lightning icon to power on the stasis pod, read the notes, then shut down the energy shield.) Or simply disable the generator.

Back to Trade Post, use Magmatic Annulet to communicate with Tougue Cluster, open the exit to  The Vast Interior. But before you return the Magmatic Annulet to Dracogen, you may want to use it help you explore the Bloom. (It's a translator, it can help you understand murdens, or Maw. Very useful in sidequests like A Newborn Maw or exploring Old Slave Block.)

Alternatively, you can help Dracogen acquire the Navigational Cortex and keep the Magmatic Annulet. (side quest Covetous Hearts )

To do so, first you  need to talk to the captain of  Lost Anchorage (you need to complete quest A Newborn Maw  to reach there), ask why outsiders are not allowed to visit Cortex.Ask Dracogen whether he still wants Navigational Cortex.

Fight the crews of Lost Anchorage to get the Cortex. Or ask Pilot-Major Genjes to give you a tour, one of your teammate can steal the Cortex when he is busy. Then report to Dracogen.

Dracogen will introduce Last Castoff to the ruling memovira, she has another quest, Into the Depths, for you. To complete it, first, you need to visit Srine of Great Chila, talk to Speck at the Shrine of Great Chila to reveal the Maw. Interact with it to find what it needs. ( The Maw needs a predator to open, you can offer Waits-for-prey, or teammate, or yourself, or Jar of Iron Wind.)

Now you reached The Gullet,  some combatants are fighting each other near the entrence, they will attack you if you get too close. However you can communicate with Tongue Cluster nearby, use tidal surge to force it transport thoese combatants to somewhere else.

There is a pool in the centre of The Gullet, tie knots of neaby tube cluster, use the Sealant Spray  and Sealant Bomb  found on nearby armed suit will dry this pool and reveal portal to  Nethermost Cavity.

Before you go for Nethermost Cavity, you may want to interact with Tongue Cluster in southeast room, doing this will reveal another Maw. Persuade Siowan to offer himself to this Maw opens a portal to Chamber of Bones.

Their are some valuables for you to loot in Chamber of Bones, and Forgotten Niche.

Enter the Nethermost Cavity, neglect the enemies, rush towards the portal. Interact with it multiple times to open it.

In Heart Interior, you can persuade your teammate to face Bloom with you, or face it alone. Either way, you will free Mazzof and learn the story behind Memovira.

Back to  Memovira's Fortress. (You may try to alter the past of one of First Castoff's body guard by using Frictionless Merecaster. Sadly even if you force her to attack First Castoff in the past. She will still show up at First Castoff's side, acussing you for messing her mind.)

You can try to fight First Casoff now, but it will be diffcult. Or you can decieve her, once the Sorrow fragments shows you will have the chance to redirct the energy to your self. Either way, after several turns all Castoff will be sucked into Labyrinth. (But if you activiate the resonance, redirect energy to yourself, you will be more powerful than the rest castoffs.)



 Back to your mind construct, you need to find your teammate first, then proceed to the depth of your mind.

If Rhin is sent back to her homeworld, she will join you now, as a grown woman and capable fighter. The rest of your teammate can be found in Oasis Fathom, Crefton Fathom, and Village Fathom. See our individual location pages for details.

You can proceed into Endless Battle Fathom  with or without your companions, but once you entered that portal there is no way back. Before you go, make sure you are battle-ready. In this fathom, 3 fights awaiting for you, but you dont need to kill everyone there. Some Castoffs can be persuade to leave (by Persuasion skill or Tidal Surge), some may even join you (Andronous, Raima Cyro, etc.) Alternatively, you may try to turn on the 3 humming machines to weaken your enemies.

Proceed to First Castoff's Fathom, help the First Castoff break her illusion to open the portal to Broken Fathom. There, you need to reach the centre plaform and activite that stasis chamber to recreate the bridges, the correct order is to move counter-clockwise. When you back to the platform om east, summon that clone of yours to press the button on next platform. Ghostly Woman  will tell you more story about her and Changing God, she can also heals you and refill your Stats pools.

Dark Fathom is the end of your journey, before you open the gate in middle, you need to enter two Meres first. Form these meres you will learn what actually happens at the start of the game, why were you falling from a moon.

When you open the gate in middle, Changing God  shows up, you need to stop him or persuade him that real Changing God is already dead. (Or you are the real Changing God, he is just a backup) Successful persuasion will gain 100 XP.

Now enter the middle gate, The Sorrow awaits. It will explain why it kept hunting Changing God and Castoffs, and offer you some choices.

You can chose to absorb all Castoffs into you, or Matkina, or Changing God's daughter. Or use Resonance's power to attack the Sorrow. Or change nothing, let the Sorrow's hunt continue.

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