The Fifth Eye in Torment: Tides of Numenera is a bar in Cliff's Edge. Its run by psychics, who particularly like the place, since the building dampens the psychic noise of the city.

The Fifth Eye


Experience can be gained here:

Notable Items

Items can be found in this area:

  • ???


Merchants in this area:

  • ???


Missions in this area:


  • +1 permanent Intellect pool for letting Dhama peer into the labyrinth of the Last Castoff's mind.
  • +1 permanent Intellect pool from O, by asking where it comes from.
  • +4 maximum health after talking to O.
  • Feriok is just a projection created by Ziobe.
  • If chose not to block, ghostly woman may kill your character, one easy way to reach The Calm.


Sagus Cliffs



Outdoor Location


The Fifth Eye Sub Areas

  • None



Notable NPCs

  1. O
  2. Ghostly Woman
  3. Ziobe
  4. Theboros
  5. Dhama
  6. Feriok
  7. Clarion
  8. Ysg
  9. Adversary
  10. Sir Arthour
  11. Almas the Soul Keeper
  12. Leto



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