Character Creation

The process of character creation in Torment: Tides of Numenera seems to be a very complex, unclear and long one. Luckily, once you get to know the mechanics, you should be able to create the perfect protagonist on the first attempt. At the end you always have a chance to change your decision anyway.

Our hero is described by three main attributes: Description, Focus and Character Class. They become a part of our hero as you make dialogue choices and paragraph sequences. They are a reflection of our choices and shape the hero according to our game style.

Before you begin the game you can only choose the sex of our hero. All the other Attributes will be determined during the gameplay.

You begin the journey by choosing the gender. You can't select the name or the avatar of your hero. These factors are determined by the very storyline. A paragraph sequence will start right away, during which you will be falling to the ground. Warning! You can actually die at this very moment. In order to avoid death, try to slow down the fall.

Once you reach the ground you will end up in a dark room. Here, via dialogue and your decisions you will shape your hero and distribute abilities and Description. In order to move on, you need to press glowing orbs. Every key choice is displayed on the right side, and represented with an ability that you will develop. You will also undergo skill checks, based on a traditional D20 roll. The higher the effort (determined by the statistics on the right) the higher the chance to succeed. Apart from using a certain part of the parameter, you will increase its amount for good.

Once you pass the entire location, you will reach a glass door. You will face several descriptions during the dialogue which will influence your statistics and the behavior of your hero. You have to choose one of them. Use our guide to read more about modifiers. You will be given an option to change your decision at the end.


After you choose one of the Descriptions, you will be taken to another location. You will encounter a spirit that is the other part of you. It will tell you about the Tides, color codes they refer to, and behavior they are responsible for. Your task will be to choose one that represents your game style best. As soon as you finish, an enemy will appear - Sorrow fragment. Use your companion and available attacks to keep it away from your main hero. At the same time use your protagonist and activate visible control panels. Next, you should interact with a cylindrical container. Repeat the same action with all 4 containers. Each time, new Sorrow fragments will appear, and thus make it more difficult to reach your next object.

After you interact with all the Tides you need to reach a sarcophagus in the north. During interaction, all the enemies will disappear and a long paragraph sequence will take place. Now you have to touch the vortex in the middle of the room. During the dialogue you will be able to choose one of three available character classes - Jack, Nano or Glaive. Once you finish, you will be taken to a screen that sums up your decisions. You can now change them and modify your hero. You have also reached the first level so you can develop your statistics and choose abilities. When you finish, you will be taken to the real world and start your adventure in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

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