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Name Description Location
0 1 Pool drain On critical hits; confer CritFettles (CritFettleDescriptions).  
A Study in Datasphere Analysis This leather-bound journal is filled with various diagrams; notes; and observations of the machines you found near the engines buried beneath Sagus Cliffs. The handwriting is your creator's; and it chronicles his analysis of the datasphere - the net of information that surrounds and permeates the world's air. Some people have drawn power from the world; and others have found a way to transmit knowledge in the blink of an eye. It seems that these machines may have been intended to transmit consciousness itself... or at least to take a rudimentary first step in that direction. The exact steps are unclear; though someone with an extensive background in consciousness transfer or machine intelligences might be able to recreate his work.  
A Whiff of Happiness This ornate flask holds a yellow gaseous substance. It glistens in the sunlight and generally looks warm and friendly - as much a puff of smoke can. The side of the flask bears inscriptions in several languages;" one of which you can read. It says ""Happiness. Single use.""";  
Abhumans of the Sagus Protectrate

Abhumans of the Sagus Protectorate - A Study of Savagery

"The creatures known as abhumans are believed to descend from human ancestors, but at some point in their history, they became something else - perhaps through mutation, directed breeding, or accelerated evolution. Unlike mutants, abhumans have rejected their humanity and live as beasts, though some are very clever. Nearly all of them are violent and cruel, preying upon humanity when they can.

Historically, two species of abhumans have been common in the Sagus Protectorate. The first is the vile murden, hunched and birdlike, with sharp, dirty beak and a thick down of black feathers. Murdens subsist as thieves and murderers on the fringes of human society, rarely posing an organized threat to a community, but often ambushing lone victims or terrorizing isolated homesteads. They are incapable of speech, but they communicate with one another through a primitive form of telepathy that bleeds into the minds of everyone nearby, which can prove a dangerous distraction. Most of the time, murdens are notorious cowards, preferring to flee if the odds are not clearly in their favor.

The other abhuman species that once prospered here is the yovok. Short and squat, with jaundiced skin, yovoki hunt and kill for pleasure, and they eat whatever they kill. In the days when slavery was openly practiced in Sagus Cliffs, bands of yovoki were permitted to range across the frontier, raiding autochthonous tribes of humans and mutants, and taking captives to be sold in the flesh markets of the Bloom. The vicious yovoki would sometimes rape their captives as well, and the stories say that children were sometimes born from these pairings, tainting the bloodlines of certain families. After the rebellion of Chila the Great, slavery was outlawed in Sagus Cliffs, and the yovoki fled the Protectorate. They haven't been seen in centuries, but the people of Sagus still remember them, and any proof of a blood connection to these creatures is enough to destroy a family's repulation."

All-Burning Aura This metal bracer seems to have been cobbled together from a number of unrelated pieces of tech. Various wires hang from the unit; and a panel of lights turns on with no apparent pattern. Occasionally; a spark shoots off from the device;" more surprising than dangerous. A small band of metal on the back reads ""Property of Alrus"" in faintly legible letters.\n\nWhen used"; this bracer emits an aura of flame that surrounds its wearer. The flame burns anything that comes in contact with him or his weapons. However; due to its cobbled nature; the bracer also slightly burns its wearer while in use.  
Amethyst Heart This piece of jewelry is made entirely of small gears and clockwork of amethyst. Its ticking resembles a small heartbeat. If its gears are halted; the small mechanized heart flies apart; unleashing its energizing power into the nearest body.  
Amplified Encephalic Rush    
Armor -4 Zero Sum Engine #713 Armor Inactive  
Astronomical Merecaster Filled with ingenious clockwork mechanisms; this cobalt orrery depicts a solar system far different from your own. The tiny planets orbit and rotate soundlessly and endlessly; the pattern of their paths no doubt revealing alien destinies and prodigies to be puzzled over by learned beings in some distant; unknown place. Here; it is merely a novelty; though one that invites contemplation.  
Azure Steel Merecaster    
Barrel of Indomitability This barrel fits in the palm of your hand and is made of a wood stronger than steel and as clear as crystal. A dark liquid sloshes around inside; and the smell of it makes your eyes water. Consuming the liquids within will have a powerful - if uneven - effect on the imbiber's mind and spirit.  
Barrel of Regret "Increases your highest Stat pool by a large amount; reduces the others by a small amount."  
Bedazzling Flower This small palm-sized crystalline structure has the solidity of a thin sheet of ice; threatening to crack and break in your hand; yet it houses untold social possibility. Upon its use; it generates a simulation of another possible responses in the conversation that you're in. It determines the best way to say what you wish to convey; and seamlessly integrates this knowledge to you. However; upon such use; the Bedazzling Flower turns to dust.  
Bericael's Merecaster    
Berserker's Yoke These overlapping plates of pitted; vibrating iron bond with the user; injecting them with a milky fluid that fills them with strength and rage.  
Biting Circles    
Blade Arm    
Blood of the Elements A shifting substance fills this ordinary glass vial; existing in many states at the same time. Sometimes; it is a blue liquid or a lump of solid black before subtly becoming purple electrified plasma or a pure white gas. Every phase is so quick; so short; it is impossible to be sure if the change is real; if the substance exists in every state at once; or if it even exists at all. There is a small inscription around the edges of the vial's cork; the letters fading in and out of view as if engraved using a similar substance. It probably; possibly;" maybe spells out ""Blood of the Elements."" One can only wonder what would happen if someone were to consume a substance such as this.";  
Bloodglobe This glass globe holds a viscous cocktail of pulsating pink and purple auras; muddied by folding layers of putrid decay. This foul brew was harvested from somewhere in the depths of the Bloom. Tormented; haunting whispers of the Bloom's digested victims still trickle from the object.\n\nIf the globe was hurled; the sludge would spatter everyone in a small radius. Any person struck by the sludge would experience the same mental torments as the hapless victims of the Bloom; whose dissipating minds are still contained in the syrupy muck.  
Bloom Bone Shard "The blade of this dagger was harvested from one of the Bloom's ""teeth"; fashioned into a crude-looking but effective weapon.\n\nA fragment of the Bloom's mind still persists inside the shard. In addition to its slashing damage, it can also penetrate the mind of your opponent, lessening prowess in combat.\n\nWhen you hold it to your ear you hear odd, disturbing whispers from the Bloom, sending an involuntary shudder through your spine.  
Bloom-flesh Belt Coty gave you this simple belt that he crafted under Sundermun's tutelage. Fashioned with great enthusiasm; but only rudimentary skills; it lacks the detailed craftsmanship of Sundermun's own handiwork; but it is still sturdy and functional.\n\nCloser inspection reveals that the Bloom-flesh was harvested from a Maw; and the belt retains some of the Maw's power. While wearing it; you can teleport within a limited range; and when you arrive at your destination; you'll be in partially out of phase for a short time.  
Bogeo This spiny creature likely swam in the darkest depths of an unknown sea. It bulges with venomous fluid that splatters when thrown.  
Brace of Mighty Kalas'Tor When this synth device is put on; it suffuses the wearer with physical energy flowing throughout the body; radiating inwards to reinforce bloodflow and energy resources. The device utilizes your body's natural processes to direct this energy; so it can cause a strain on the wearer even as it heals him.  
Burning Mouse This small statue of a mouse fits in the palm of your hand. Its pale red eyes glow and flicker like the embers of a fire. Instead of fur; the statue is covered in images of flame and is always warm to the touch. When whispered instructions; the mouse will come alive and scout the area for traps and hidden secrets.  
Cacophony Blade The cruel blade of this two-handed sword is a massive; black stone chunk; studded with semi-sentient spikes across its upper edge. The spikes shiver with hunger; and when you touch one of the spikes with your finger it wriggles eagerly; as if trying to detach and dig into your flesh. When the spikes hit a target just the right way; a number of them fly off and burrow into anyone within range.\n\nWhenever you use the weapon this way; a demonic sounding screeching fills your ears.  
Candiru When placed against the wrist; this wriggling eel burrows beneath the skin and releases a powerful agent that strengthens the muscles used in hand-to-hand combat.  
Changing Tool A silver needle as long as a finger sticks out from this black metallic ring. The band is about as wide as a fingernail and has two golden metal plates on it. Touching one of the plates causes the needle to soften; letting it be shaped into a helpful tool for most situations.  
Charmpaste A small tube of reddish; aqueous paste. It is warm to the touch and gives off a sweet; balmy perfume. When applied to the teeth; it temporarily stimulates facial muscles. From a distance; this twitch can easily be mistaken for a disarming and somewhat trustworthy grin. The perfume is pleasant from a comfortable distance; and acts as a very mild intoxicant. It causes the user to seem more approachable and honest than they normally would. Charmpaste eventually evaporates; leaving behind a pink; chalky residue. Its effects are limited and tend not to last not much longer than a first impression.  
Child's Grace A maggot ringed with gold and silver scales lies within this glass vial. Placing the creature underneath one's tongue fills a user with a sense of calm and somewhat naive purpose.  
Chiurgeon Sphere This little spherical flying automaton is a faithful companion to whomever bears a small module used for maintaining telepathic connection with the automaton. If the bearer is damaged; the automaton is activated and tries to repair the damage. The automaton's mind has a tendency to wander; and it takes some mental acuity to maintain its focus through the telepathic connection.  
Chiurgeon Sphere Negative Perform a Recovery Roll without consuming a Brief Rest.Perform a Recovery Roll without consuming a Brief Rest.Perform a Recovery Roll without consuming a Brief Rest.Perform a Recovery Roll without consuming a Brief Rest.  
Chromavulum This brightly-colored aquatic creature has a short loop of elastic material running through one of its seven legs.  
Chuckling Shroud A cloak made of fine tendrils that rub together; producing a sound like human chuckling. The sound is a carrier for a stream of mental energy that swirls around the wearer; shielding them from different types of attacks on the mind.  
Circulating Merecaster Within the endless loop of this strange alembic; golden fluid froths; fumes; and then precipitates back into the boiling beaker where it began. You cannot quite trace the pathway the substance follows. It almost seems that it is not a liquid at all; but rather some kind of organism endlessly and agonizingly transmuted within the unbreakable confines of the device.  
Cloak of Faces Comprised of the thin; stretched-out faces of living alien beings; this cloak has a ghastly appearance. The alien faces have psychic abilities; and they project subtle illusions and hallucinations into the minds of those you meet; making it easier to bend them to your will. These illusions also render the wearer more difficult to detect or target.  
Clockwork Strut This array of oiled clockwork slats bonds with a user's limbs; accelerating their movements but leaving their overstressed muscles far more prone to injury.  
Clockwork Strut Negative Talisman of the Gentle Hierophant Negative  
Cloning Sphere    
Coiled Flesh    
Compass of the Navigator This synth device appears to be a compass of some sorts; runes and eyetwisting markings lining its edges. The compass arrow swings in seemingly random directions; as if it were trying to steer you.  
Concentrated Sprayflesh This tiny synth canister sprays a sticky substance that seems thicker than the substance in regular sprayflesh. The gelatin covers and seals wounds; the concentrated active agent within it providing greater healing potential.  
Concussive Truncheon This weapon releases a pulse of disorienting energy when striking the enemy's more vulnerable parts.  
Conduit of Life This glasslike sphere roils with misty vapors. Breaking open the sphere unleashes the mist. While one is within the mist's influence; the body becomes sensitive to absorbing energies; becoming a conduit of life force between the user and her target. The unfortunate side effect is the increased sensitivity makes the user more vulnerable. It is advised to only use the Conduit of Life for short battles or decisive blows.  
Cortical Shunt When placed against a user's head; this piece of crooked metal gently thrusts a rod into their brain and releases whispering; subtle pulses of an unknown energy.  
Cryophorous Dart This hollow black rod contains a small but impossibly sharp dart. A button on the end of the device releases the projectile; injecting the target with a compound that instantly freezes.  
Crystal Fortress This dark purple crystal was placed into a synthsteel device - or perhaps the device was built around it. The crystal shimmers with barely restrained power; occasionally shifting as if testing the strength of its constraints. When you deactivate the container; the crystal loses its integrity; shattering into two parts; which in turn will shatter into two; and so on and so forth; smaller and smaller. With each breaking; the crystal unleashes a protective energy that wraps around the user; turning away incoming strikes; though it is not capable of turning away immediate attacks.  
Crystalvore Bite The cure was brought into the Ninth World when a scholar discovered a supply stored underneath an ancient ruin. Some Aeon Priests believe that he planned to deliver a large quantity to the Steadfast; but was murdered before he could do so. This sphere may be the last of its kind.  
Cut Through Dimensions On critical hits; releases a wave of sonic force that deals damage to everyone in Immediate range.  
Cìne A cloak of deepest purple ripples with a life of its own. Upon donning the cloak; the wearer is instantly overwhelmed by a blissful state of relaxation and contemplation; as if undergoing vigorous deep tissue massage. Many a wearer has become so enamored of the cloak that they will jealously guard it with their lives.\n\nThis particular model appears to have been made for a small child and does not fit you or your companions.  
Devouring Shell This smooth oval dome resembles a large egg sliced lengthwise. Its silky but unyielding surface is marred by an irregular crack running most of its length; into which have been wedged many tiny crystalline rods. It emits a faint sickly-sweet odor; and a slight shimmer envelops the rods; like the air over a fire.\n\nThe underside looks and feels fuzzy; though it's seemingly formed from the same substance as the hard shell. It clings to your touch; and when you pull away; you notice a drop of blood on your fingertip. You suspect it might be unwise to stay in contact with the object for too long.  
Dimensional Mantle As you hold the ball; it slowly settles on a deep blue; as if reacting to your hidden; most secret thoughts.  
Dolk A smooth spike of grey stone with leather wrappings at one end that make a simple handle. Its texture is as smooth as ice; and your finger leaves noticeable streaks as it passes over the permeable stone. Your digit tingles after touching it. The fragile Dolk breaks and dissolves inside victims; becoming an effective poison.  
Dull Shin The god Varlin lives inside this coin; or so you've been told. Rhin called him a god of shifts and change and said that she made him to help keep her safe in this strange world.  
Ecstasy Paralyzer The foot-long barrel of this device glows; alternating between different colors when active; and has an organic feel to it. When touched; you also notice it warms up quickly and a slight vibration can be felt. Hexagonal buttons sit behind a small screen on the top; allowing you to fire a blob of energy that affects the target's mind directly; filling them with overwhelming visions of pleasure.\n\nThe grip and trigger seem to have been fitted on later; made from a dull grey metal; cold; with a few thick wires running from the top of the grip into the barrel. Despite the striking dissimilarity between the individual parts; the whole assembly is masterfully engineered; with a clear purpose in mind.  
Electrostatic Merecaster Energy crackles across this lattice of interlinking tetrahedrons - a dull energy that flows around your hand rather than through it. The frames themselves seem to be made of bone; each without crack or joint. At its heart is a ring of silver ingots wrapped in solenoids that presumably are somehow generating the charge.  
Element of Quickness This fluted crystalline container is filled with a vapor that spirals like a vortex around a spherical epicenter; shifting in hue and velocity at seemingly random intervals of intensity; being at one moment a gentle azure; the next a furious purple. An inhaler is attached to one end; allowing the vapors to be consumed. The sharp inhalation of essence gives a unique succor; a rush of energies that seem to slow time for the user alone; enhancing reaction speed and other capabilities.  
Embrace the All This is a beetle-like parasite about the size of your hand; with a glossy green carapace. Most of the time it is inert; the only sign of life being a faint vibration. When placed on the skin; it grips the bone with its armored claws and inserts whiplike tendrils into the nervous system; probing the host's brain. This coupling permanently makes the user more mentally attuned to certain artifacts. After a short while; the creature disengages from the brain; releases a cloud of spores invisible to the naked eye; and dies.  
Encephalic Rush This pliable sinth container is tightly sealed, holding a swirling purple gas. The purple substance is harvested from a vast structure buried beneath the sands of The Beyond, which seems to constantly replenish, though it is hard to gather. If the container is jammed hard against a surface, it becomes permeable, unleashing the gas within. The original purpose of the gas is not known, but when inhaled by a human being it provides a rush of mental energy.  
Encephalon of Subjugating Revivification This undulating mass of metallic tendrils resembles nothing so much as a sea flower sculpted from woven steel. Parting the wriggling metal ropes reveals the nucleus: a knotted metallic brain whose every fissure pulses with faint green light.\n\nWhen placed in close proximity to any intact corpse; the object's tendrils will burrow deep into the recesses of the dead being's body. Within moments the Encephalon will be completely subsumed into the host; who will arise a mindless thrall awaiting purpose.  
Entropic Engine Once used as a propulsion device; this has been refitted to work as a launcher weapon. Whether either of these are its original purpose; you could not guess. The barrel fires a solid ball of energy; dealing massive damage to the target.  
Erritis' Undershirt Erritis's undershirt is poorly matched to the rest of his outfit. He has knotted his belt across it in a way he would undoubtedly describe as 'dashing'.  
Essence of Knowledge This essence was put into a device to be placed over the eyes; where it injects a reddish-brown liquid into the retina. This gives one the ability to perceive the world with another; apparently more learned; perspective. Previously unknown knowledge of the Ninth World will be available to whoever consumes this essence. Unfortunately; the effect is merely temporary and leaves one with a rather persistent; and hard to scratch; itch on the corneas.  
Essence of the Elder Unagran This tubular flask has no opening to release the essence trapped within. Instead; the flask must be cracked open to release a sparkling blue mist. Inhaling the mist will cause you to experience the last moments of a majestic elder unagran; swimming free in the depths of the ocean. Its two rows of eyelike organs sparkle vividly; the long; undulating; armored skin crackling with electricity.\n\nInhaling this mist also produces a sense of lost freedom; of something great being stolen - the unfathomable comfort of the vast; open sea. This is followed by a desire for vengeance. The unagran's life was stolen; and for this; someone must pay.\n\nFor the duration of the effect; you will experience visions of life as an elder unagran and gain a measure of the creature's strength and rage. When you speak; your words will be echoed by clicks and squeals; and your skin will sparkle with weak electrical impulses.  
Essence of the Severed Tongue A black marble with the texture of smooth obsidian; marked by minute holes all over its surface. When held near one's head; the surface suddenly becomes transparent; and a droplet of some glowing red substance comes alive within it; writhing and rippling menacingly.\n\nOnce placed firmly in the ear; a din of whispering voices becomes audible. Each voice seems to be individually comprehensible. One's mind is filled with possibilities and spoken words seem to leave of their own accord off the tongue; controlled and steered by the voices within this bauble. Once the conversation is over; the voices cease and the marble becomes inert.  
Eternal Entropy Swap position with any target in range.  
Exuvia This form-fitting biological armor is very light and hardly restricts the wearer's movement at all. The mottled carapace appears different at each viewing; varying in color; pattern; and even texture when touched. Occasionally; its appearance seems to shift subtly in a disconcerting manner - this sense of unease grows if the armor is observed for long stretches of time. When worn; the armor emits a dissonant hum at the edge of human hearing. It vanishes if the wearer focuses upon it; but it returns when their attention wanders.  
Filthy Knife Laarna dropped this object; a knife that she had been rubbing onto her boils and sores; covering it with fluids from her own diseased body. This disgusting tool has become brittle and largely useless. Striking someone with it will see the metal fragment into the skin; releasing the fluids into the blood; infecting and weakening your opponent.  
Floating Pendant Held by an invisible chain; this pendant is in the shape of a tiny simplified brehm. It has no apparent weight when held or worn. The invisible chain snaps itself around the wearer's neck when the pendant is held to the chest.  
Floral Merecaster "These ""flowers"" are complex arrays of circuitry"; each petal covered in carefully laid copper wires. Filaments run from the petals into a ruddy stronglass sheath; ending in a now-dead diode. The entire device pulses with inner heat.  
Fluid Armature At first; this finger-length capsule seems to be made of metal. On closer inspection; it is a pellet of quicksilver contained by an unseen field.\n\nPressing this capsule into the flesh covers a user in a protective subdermal layer that somewhat slows reaction times.  
Forged Letter of Pardon Tybir forged this letter of pardon for Ris. The signatures appear legitimate; and the language is impressively official. You're no expert; but it looks like a believable forgery.  
Galvanic Hammer This massive silver war hammer crackles with electricity. It is a deadly weapon in its own right; but its electrical charge will cause additional pain to anyone struck by it. The hammer has a rudimentary intelligence that reacts favorably to particularly skillful attacks; discharging electrical energy in a small radius and harming all enemies who happen to be nearby.  
Gladiator's Will This appears to be a collar made from a well-worn and blood-soaked piece of brown leather. It is fitted with a dull; rusted iron ring in the center. It thrums with a palpable sense of both rage and anguish. It provides the wearer with a surge of Might in a moment of desperation. Upon use the ring stops thrumming and is forever still and quiet.  
Glorious Shield    
Grounding Cloak This cloak; while heavy; has a very smooth surface when touched. It has a little static electricity on the outside; which creates small sparks when holding something metallic to it. A brownsubstance that contains small web-like lines impregnates the cloak; connecting to wiring embedded in the fabric. The cloak has the capacity to absorb overwhelming electrical charges.  
Heart of Mal'i The pendant is composed of lead; set with a heart-shaped indentation filled with a green liquid. No matter how you turn the object; the acidic-smelling solution does not tip out. The liquid seems to gently slosh as if it had a will of its own. When placed against skin; the metal grows warm and sizzles gently until it becomes fused; though it causes no damage. It can easily be peeled off without leaving more than a mild blister.\n\nWhile bonded with the pendant; the wearer feels a sensation of contentment; tinged with childlike wonder and confusion at the shape and nature of the world. The item seems to hold some manner of charge - one that slowly builds through the tick of time and ages.  
Hiro's Fury This thin; short length of bright silken string is innocuous. But when rubbed between the hands it starts generating its own heat and energy; eventually uncoiling into a whip of a dark red crackling energy. When it strikes an enemy; it tightly constricts itself around the target.  
Hollow Wyrm    
Husk Claw    
Hyperelutriated Force    
Image Projector Fear disrupts the flow of energy around it much like a rock disturbs a flowing river. This image projector detects these minute changes in the energy flow; reconstructs the fear that caused them; and projects it back on a returning vector at a heightened amplitude. Used on a sentient being; the results are quite dramatic; and sometimes spectacular.\n\nThere are markings on it that look like they may have been numbers or identifiers; but if so; they are damaged beyond any comprehension.  
Impossible Blade One glance at this weapon serves as an explanation of its name; as the blade is of an impossible thinness. A transdimensional energy field generated by a device in its short handle maintains the blade's structural integrity; and as such; the blade can't be used when this field is not powered; as it would shatter on the slightest impact.  
Impressively-labeled Canister Even though this round tin is a relic of some forgotten past; the label is bright and pristine. Archaic script swims across it; shimmering and melting into the Truth.\n\n--- \n\nFeeling limp in your lockets; chammey? Weak in the tethers? When you're too tired to scrap; reach for this freshly-sealed cannister of Dill and Dew's Patented Pounding!\n\nDirection: Open up a can. Repeat as needed.\n\nPossible Side Effects: May encourage you to Break Faces and Save The Day. Can result in severe injury or death. Please do not use with the slightest bit of caution; as that would completely ruin the point of the product. If you're still breaking faces after four hours; consider yourself lucky.  
Imprisoned Pulsar A nanosecond's worth of radiation from a long-dead star has been trapped inside a loop of crystal. Cracking the ring frees the energy in a directional blast.  
Improved Transdimensional Scalpel    
Impure Essence Blobs of muted light slowly twist and turn within this otherwise clear liquid. You sense some limited consciousness within; reaching out to you. By ingesting this essence; something will happen. Probably.  
Kaleidoscopic Merecaster    
Knave's Card A playing card shows a grinning Nibovian Child. When you tub your thumb over the card, it triggers an adaptive illusion that changes the face of the card, though you can't discover the trick to getting specific card faces to appear.  
Laarna's Injector This injector belonged to the slump doctor; Laarna. It looks astonishingly unsafe to use; rusty and crusted with blood and other fluids. You do not know exactly what kind of fluid it contains; but injected into a willing subject it will do severe damage; much as Laarna was doing to her subjects.  
Letter of Pardon    
Leukotic Bladder Slick to the touch and smelling of bile; this malleable organ can be smashed open to release a gout of healing viscera.  
Life Support Nodule This flesh-colored device looks like a slug that absorbed a blinking device. It moves with writhing pulses and gleefully attaches itself to any exposed skin. Whatever its purpose; when attached to the skin it offers great healing to the user. After a short while;it becomes brittle and dissipates into dust with a screech.  
Limnic Rejuvenator This metal cone is topped with a synth plunger. Pulling it free releases a cloud of curative gas scented with cinnamon and fermented fruit.  
Liquid Armor This 'armor' is stored inside three stronglass containers; attached to an ordinary belt. When activated; the cylinders open; and the liquid flows across the user's chest; arms; and legs; forming a lightweight and surprisingly durable armor. Due to its fluid nature; this liquid armor is far less restrictive than other forms of protection. It can only be worn over very light garments; or the armor won't take shape properly.  
Living Exuvia The biological armor is form-fitting and easy to wear; yet offers superior protection. Upon closer inspection; you find a synthsteel device shaped much like a human spine fitted into the back of the exuvia; which binds to the wearer's nervous system. It provides additional mental fortitude; but it also makes the armor stiffer and harder to wear.  
Material Disruption    
Memovira's Vault Key    
Mesmeric Handle    
Metabolism Fleshbud This pod-like lump of Bloom-flesh has the shape and size of a small; hemispherical bit of fruit. That is where the similarities end; as the fleshbud is quivering and still very much alive. A mangle of teeth and tongue-like protrusions appear on one side whenever the lump is anywhere close to living flesh. When applied to bare skin; the fleshbud bites and grafts itself to the host; taking on the texture and appearance of the host's skin. Once attached; it vastly improves the metabolic processes of the host; increasing quick reaction speed.  
Mindforged Armor This array of hides and thin plating is far lighter than it should be. Of course;" that's not really surprising; you made this armor with your decisions. It is forged entirely from your thoughts"; given shape by your intent; and it will protect you as you fight your enemies as a glaive does: hand to hand and face to face.  
Mindforged Plating This reinforced array of dense hide and sturdy plating is far lighter than it should be. Of course;" that's not really surprising; you made this armor with your decisions. It is forged entirely from your thoughts"; given shape by your intent; and it will protect you as you fight your enemies as a glaive does: hand to hand and face to face.\n\nThe armor's undersuit is a synthetic musculature that binds the plating to you even further and increases the strength of every attack.\n\nAll in all; it's an impressive set of armor. You have quite the imagination; it seems.  
Mystic Marble This dark glass sphere shows flashing; swirling colors beneath the surface thatrespond to your touch. As you watch the colors shift and swirl; you can sense the barely constrained power held by the glass container.  
Needler This sleek; slightly curved tube is usually inert. It springs to life when taken in hand - three needle-thin muzzles erupt from one end and seek targets. The device's material has a metallic blue sheen; but it feels warm and soft. Putting pressure on the tube causes one of the muzzles to spit forth a minute needle.\n\nThe muzzles try to point wherever the operator's looking. The device constantly hums quietly. Occasionally; and with no clear cause; a row of bright red lights appears on one side of the weapon; and the hum becomes a shrill wordless scream. This subsides in a few heartbeats with no apparent side effects.  
Neuropraxic Detonation A chain of barbed links encircles this pulsating knot of brain tissue. When the chain is broken; the bound psyche inside screams in an overwhelming glee that tears at nearby minds.  
Orb of Perception A perfectly spherical orb; half a fist in diameter. It looks and feels to be made of dark green; transparent glass though you cannot see through it. It catches all manner of light in its center; and peering into it gives one the sense of abstract wisdom.\n\nTouching the orb to your temple will alter your perception of reality forever.  
Outworn Buckler This simple wooden buckler; painted green;" would not be out of place in a pile of surplus training shields. Two large black iron straps form an ""X"" shape across it. It looks like it has taken more than its share of weapon blows"; and it may have been in use for far too long.  
Panacea A thin; cooling gel mortars the stacked ceramic discs that make up this device. Turning the topmost disc triggers a glowing field that cures even the most grievous injuries.  
Parasitic Horror    
Pastel Blue Candy An obnoxiously cute feline creature spat out this rectangular tablet when you squeezed its hands. It smells of fruit; yet it feels inorganic to the touch. Holding it makes your skin tingle; a sensation that promises great mental succor if you ate it.  
Petronel's Fire    
Phased Detonation The edges of this featureless yellow polygon bend at impossible angles; folding in and out of existence. When cracked open; it snaps back fully into this reality; releasing a wave of phased force.  
Philiactery A tear-shaped vial fits where a lens would be expected on the opposite end of a labile; contoured eyepiece. As the oddly large pendant on a fitted chain; it emanates a cool; blue glow. The vial is almost full with a liquid; but its composition is a mystery because there appears to be no way to access the contents.\n\nA small hologram indicates a figure crying into the device and placing it upon the ground; but as the vial is already full; your tears should not be required.\n\nOnce placed upon the ground; the hologram claims; a useful compatriot will appear.  
Phoenix's Note This ragged synth square is engraved with scrawls and symbols - presumably some kind of writing; but it is mostly unfamiliar to you. Phoenix says the note told him to come to the Valley of Dead Heroes and that he would find the answers he needs. He gave it to you because he has found no answers; but he has not so far. He hopes you will find them in his place. \n\nAlthough the engraved symbols are mostly incomprehensible; four numbers are written in the Truth; one on each line of text: 1;5;3; and 5.  
Piton Driver Airjets along the length of this weapon guide the user's aim towards the user's most vulnerable points.  
Poisoned Needle Staring into the shifting pattern; you *know* the Changing God held this blade at one time. You remember piecing together fragments of the blade; making them whole through a process you can't understand. It was either shattered before; or this memory is of its making. The only thing clear to your mind is the sensation of the tools and the meditative state that gave this weapon shape.  
Polished Rock Rhin says Ahl is a god; and that he lives within this stone. Supposedly; he knows everything of hiding.  
Power Source    
Praesector This small handheld device is a cylinder about the size of a pen and made of a smooth; unfamiliar material. It is covered in snakelike coils of thick cable. By pointing the cylinder at a living target and pressing a small button on its base; the user can bathe the target in greenish light. This leaves it disoriented and reduces its muscular flexibility for a time. However; the light also causes disjointed and disturbing images to flash through the mind of the user; possibly distracting her.  
Praesector Mental Perturbation    
Praesector's Eye    
Probability Shunt    
Psychic Detonation These delicate glass spheres radiate a nauseating mental static from somewhere within their utterly clear depths.  
Quantum Detonation Seemingly two-dimensional; this trapezoidal plane can only be seen from one side. When torn; it opens and closes portals to a near-infinite number of other realities; rending anything caught inside at a quantum level.  
Reactive Plate Unlike most armors made in the Ninth World; this breastplate was shaped from exotic materials like synthsteel and pliable metal; scavenged from the wreckage of prior worlds. Only a few armor-smiths could accomplish such a feat; so armor of this quality is rare and prized.\n\nA tiny module containing a simple machine intelligence has also been incorporated into the armor. It perceives the nature of incoming attacks and attempts to modify the material composition of the breastplate to better protect the wearer. This is far more effective against physical attacks; but the armor provides a lesser measure of protection against chemical; transdimensional; and other forms of damage.  
Recalescent Stone Attached to a fine chain is a hunk of polished meteoric metal fashioned into the shape of an eye. While cool to the touch; it has the bright glow of cooling metal that does not seem to dissipate. You can sense a barely contained surging power behind the glow; a promise of power to those who can control it.\n\nYou gained this item at great cost by plucking it from a malevolent scaled statue.  
Reconstitutor This small green coil of braided wire unravels when placed in the ground. Healing wisps emanate from the strands; knitting together wounds.  
Refined Fleetfoot Moss    
Regenerates 2-6 Health per turn. At the start of each turn; a tentacle latches onto a nearby enemy. Does Damage to the target. Healing on the wearer.  
Rhin's Arbalest This crossbow belongs to Rhin. It feels heavier than a normal crossbow; and while you can discern nothing unusual about its mechanics; it fires bolts with greater force; shredding through her targets' armor.  
Rhin's Hauberk    
Rhin's Shirt Rhin's shirt is made from a coarse material in a simple cut; dyed an unappealing grey.  
Rhin's Surcoat    
Ring of El-Aemor This serpentine ring seems like a small; thin snake wrapping itself thrice around an invisible finger. Its head features two indigo jewels for eyes that look like trapped lightning; and a gaping mouth with two sharp fangs bared to strike.\n\nThe ring protects the wearer by absorbing any status effect from the bloodstream and converting it into a weapon; a blood needle that can be shot at any living creature.  
Ring of Entanglement This loop of metal is constructed from a short band that splits and branches; threads twisting and bending in upon themselves before seamlessly reforming at the other end. The coils are maddeningly knotted;making it impossible to trace a complete path; yet at the same time a pattern waits to be revealed; just beyond the edge of comprehension.\n\nOf the handful unearthed through the ages; these rings were once dismissed as mere trinkets until an unnamed collector discovered twins purely by chance. It is said that this man wore one of the matched set and gifted his lover with the other. During one particular amorous encounter; both were astounded by their shared sensations and an oddly heightened sense of awareness. When the couple identified the rings as the source of this connection; further use showed that they mutually experienced every physical pain; pleasure; and sickness felt by either. This effect disappeared when they wore an unmatched pair of bands.  
Rotating Blades    
Runic Blade of Tol Danor The jagged; runelike script etched into the gray-black blade is a dark; deep red hue. Any eyes that lingers too long on the strange letters are rewarded at first with discomfort and then with ever-increasing pain; rather than any measure of understanding. Upon touching the weapon for the first time; it grants an image of a long-lost; wondrous place; imbuing a sense of smoldering betrayal and tremendous loss. The immense power of the blade is self-evident; but the havoc and pain it brings to foes seem to stay with it; and its bearer; as a lingering cloud of guilty remembrance.  
Sapient Blade The joints of this crooked blade flex and creak at the touch. On closer inspection; some of the edges aren't tangible unless focused upon.  
Sarrak's Essence The large feline sarrak are known for their ability to control creatures and contraptions around them. Somehow Sheen has managed to condense the thoughts of a sarrak into this green pill-like container. Even looking at it does things to your mind. On the one hand; you're hungry. On the other; you smell ozone and rotted flesh; and your stomach turns.  
Savant's Slipknot At first glance; this appears to be a crude arm bracelet woven in the shape of a hangman's noose; the kind of item a macabre child might make. Closer examination of any of the three cords used in the weave twists the perception of the viewer; making that cord appear to grow thicker while one of the other two thins and fades from sight. By breaking the knot; it is possible to absorb the object's powers.  
Scholarch's Archive This bony; segmented chain unravels at the touch of living flesh and latches eagerly onto a user's spine.\n\nOnce attached; the user will sense the presence of another mind within their head that is wise; knowledgeable; and contagiously rude.  
Scorpion's Desire A twisted pattern of purple and teal vapors is visible beneath the delicate surface of this homemade contraption. A crude inhaler rests on the top end; allowing the owner to consume the fumes; after which the inhaler snaps off; releasing the remaining vapors into an area around the user.\n\nThe vapors heal a recipient's wounds and grants them temporary protection against attacks.\n\nIt should be noted that the vapor can't distinguish between friend and foe; and affects all equally. The precise blend of materials and intriguing cosmetic oddities in this item are known to none but its maker.  
Scrawled Note This note was in Motley's pocket. The ink is brown and cracked and might be blood.\n\nMost of it is illegible; scratched in a hasty scrawl; but you can make out four numbers at the bottom: 5143.  
Shade of the Desert Sun This small pyramidal object was found near the Oasis of M'ra Jolios by a traveler who stumbled upon a particularly unexplainable patch of shade on the hottest day of the year. The pyramid is barely a finger's length in any direction and looks to be made of a crude sort of glass; so dark and malformed as to be nearly opaque. A small creature - or something - can be seen moving inside. A soft skittering sound whispers from within the pyramid. If it is shaken; the sound increases dramatically in volume; as if something within were awakened and agitated by the jarring motion. The object makes its owner feel remarkably cooler; like passing through a tree's shadow on a hot day.  
Shatter Striker The thin; transparent receptacle holds a small tube. One end of the container tapers to a fine metallic point and provides a means for a thin liquid to be dispersed. The striking blue liquid inside is a powerful flesh-eating acid. The fragile nature of this item means that it must be handled with care; but stabbing someone with it could cause serious injury.  
Shield Meant to be strapped to the arm; this simple wooden shield will offer some limited protection by absorbing incoming blows and projectiles.  
Shield of the Ceturl Prince This shield is made of a polished emerald material. It can take the heaviest of blows without showing so much as a crack. Four gemstones are embedded in the shield in the pattern of a ceturl's eyes. These gems are imbued with numenera and slow all enemies who land blows on the shield.  
Shifting Whispers This thick; ordinary book contains words that shift and dance. When opened; its letters are still under your direct gaze; but give a impression of movement when seen in the corner of the eye. Although you never actually see them move; each time you open this book; the story it tells has subtly changed.  
Shimmering Glass Deals Damage and refills all user's Stat Pools (Color: MightMight/Color; Color: SpeedSpeed/Color; and Color: IntellectIntellect/Color).  
Sin Eater This tightly knotted mass of tentacles rapidly uncoils and engulfs the torso of the afflicted. Through suction; squeezing; and rapid microvibrations; it pulls the host's impurities into itself; swelling ever larger. When sated; or when no more impurities are sensed;" it ""excretes"" purified material back into the host"; shrinking as it does so. At the completion of the process; the sin eater falls away; shriveling into a desiccated husk of its former self.  
Smiling Tattoo    
Sonic Blade Thefine; glowing tracery that decorates the length of the blade gives off an eerie purple light. You hear a soft humming coming from it and you feel it tremble slightly in your grip; as if it is eager to attack.  
Sonic Disruption    
Soothing Dark Tiny points of brilliant light swim in this amorphous dark mass. Slightly warm to the touch; its bulk is smoky and offers little sense of physicality when touched. It rests easily in the palm of your hand; but if pressed against the skin; it begins to sink into you; tingling warmly. The sensation is accompanied by a vague feeling of comfort and safety. If absorbed into the body; the soothing dark grants a fleeting moment of seeming immortality; allowing one to brush off grievous wounds. The rush of confidence and elation that accompanies this leaves as abruptly as the regenerative effect itself; replaced with a suddenly enhanced sense of mortality.  
Spine Armor This construct of overlapping lames first appears to be made of synth; warped into countless serrated protrusions like a strange; thorny hauberk. In truth; its nature is more complicated... and ominous. A subtle whisper can be heard as the armor shifts in and out; a motion reminiscent of breathing. The opalescent material seems more organic than artificial. When worn; the armor fits itself to the body; sighing gently as it settles into place.  
Spirit Shroud The garment has no defined edges; like a wrapping cover; but someone fitted onto it a dozen crude metal hooking fasteners. When properly draped over one's outer clothing; the fasteners provide a weathertight overlap. Ethereal and mist-like; the shroud's almost non-color nonetheless reflects a vibrant white not unlike the snow and ice it protects against.\n\nIt may well have been plundered from a grave; but the material seems new: spotless and utterly devoid of wrinkles. Why anyone would want to protect the dead from the cold is a valid question. It will find better use amongst the living.  
Sprayflesh This tiny synth canister sprays a sticky, gelatinous substance. This gelatin covers and seals wounds instantaneously if applied correctly  
Staff of Snakes This thick dark staff is surprisingly light; as if completely hollow. It seems to be made of a blackened wood; except the material appears to be alive; breathing gently in your hands. Holding the staff to your ear you hear a faint hissing noise.  
Still Mirror This brass hoop's surface has incredibly intricate engravings. If twisted; the hoop falls apart; and all emotion is swept from the area.  
Stim This odd syringe contains a liquid that moves on its own; regardless of how it's held. The needle is pristine and adorned with strange symbols. When injected; the liquid inside grants a momentary and pure clarity; giving a significant boost to a single great challenge facing the user.  
Stingcharge This pronged device generates and projects short-ranged; powerful bursts of electrical power at targets. It has been cleverly modified to fit onto a human arm and rests comfortably in your hand.  
Stride in the Dark    
Sunspot Icon This metal object is small enough to rest easily in your hand. It is a small depiction of an astraphin monolith; engraved with peculiar glyphs that do not mean anything to you. If you slam or throw the tapering end into the ground; the object spreads metallic; root-like vines through the ground; and once embedded it activates. When the icon is active; it acts as a conduit for energy tapped from the nearest celestial body; emanating a blazing power that scorches and blinds any unfortunate who draws too close.  
Sunspot Totem    
Sweeping Glove This glove of ornate; heavy steel is covered with runes that conjure a strange sense of alienation. With a sweeping motion; you can drain the energy from the glove to fling multiple nearby targets backwards. The joints are very flexible but vulnerable to strikes from weapons.  
Sylph Cord Lengths of gossamer thread wind around this spindle covered in finely-carved pictograms of transparent figures covered in - and blinded by - criss-crossing lines.  
Synthsteel Shield    
Talisman of the Gentle Hierophant Glyphs of unknown planets circling a binary star are inscribed on this talisman.\n\nThis disc melds with a user's chest; filling them with determination and sickening thoughts of violence.  
Tar River Globe This transparent glass sphere encloses a miniature scene of a river of tar running through a wasteland. It also contains a mystical blue liquid; which seems like it would mix with the tar if the globe were shaken. You notice ancient; indecipherable writing around the outer base.  
Teling This odd pair of gloves; made out of a thick brown leather-like material; feels comfortable and springy. Half-icosahedral metallic studs are mounted on the knuckles. Very shiny and perfectly smooth; they appear to be made out of chromium and feel lukewarm to the touch under any conditions.\n\nWhen worn; the gloves quickly become a burden. The studs begin to make a faint buzzing sound. The longer the gloves are worn; the louder the buzz. After a few minutes; a pronounced fatigue sets in. The fatigue progresses until the wearer feels the same sort of numb sensation in their digits that one would have after wood carving or playing a string instrument for hours. They are impossible to wear comfortably after this point.\n\nTucked into one of gloves when you found them is a piece of paper. On it is a crude picture of the gloves; with various glyphs pointing to specific parts of the apparel. While fascinating; the glyphs do not indicate the gloves' purpose.  
The Cure This smooth yet multifaceted ceramic sphere refracts and reflects light brilliantly. When hurled; it releases a sparkling gaseous cloud; eliciting feelings of euphoria; empathy; and goodwill from those who are engulfed in its vapors. Wishing to atone for past misdeeds; they fling their possessions outward in acknowledgement of being cured of greed; hatred; and delusion. While in that altered state; they wander aimlessly; contemplating how they may best benefit all the inhabitants of the Ninth World. This appears to be a conduit for a third party's contemplation; as the words come through even from creatures that do not know the human language.  
The Furtive Eidolon Anyone who wears this skintight suit and head covering becomes invisible (or nearly so) to the naked eye. It also resists many forms of scanning. It warps light around the wearer's body in such a way that things behind him can be seen. The effect is not flawless; often leaving a visible silhouette similar to heat haze; but in certain environments it can help him to hide in plain sight - especially if he remains motionless.\n\nDespite its advantages; the suit is not perfect. When the wearer moves; he creates a bubble or blur in the air that may be quite noticeable.  
Thermodynamic Detonation This orb contains a chunk of unknown matter; suspended in a decaying web of frozen time. Periodic waves of buzzing heat pulse from within.  
Thinker's Cap The intersection points of this net of fine filigree is marked by small white gemstones. When placed over the head; the gemstones buzz and shimmer; firing information directly into the mind. This increases the user's intelligence; though the effect can be overwhelming at times.  
Third Hand    
Thousand Years of Rest This vial of swirling colors contains a precious liquid that Sheen gathered from a semi-immortal being after he spent thousands of years in meditation. Once injected; it allows one to awaken a higher mental process by imparting a simulation of the time this being spent in meditation.  
Trethon's Mask This mask is made of a strange material - certainly some kind of metal; but one that is extremely light and seems immune to damage. When you put it on; you are overwhelmed with visions of battles and lectures in an odd yet somehow familiar language. You quickly take the mask as it tightens on your face; as if it were trying to form a permanent bond. Putting it on again could provide profound knowledge and lessons; but at what cost? The mask seems to attempt an identity imprint.  
Twisted Metal Merecaster The unearthly metal of this device appears to flow as you examine it; twisting itself into impossible angles. Its branching limbs cross and interweave in a lattice that shows no clear pattern. The device seems to push against the palm of your hands; as if willing you to use it.  
Tybir's Linked Rings Tybir wears these two plain; tarnished rings on one finger. They seem to fit together; even though one is much larger than the other.  
Tybir's Ring The ring is plain and tarnished. Tybir rubs it with his thumb constantly; spinning it around his finger.  
Unstable Detonation A simple and effective explosive. Devices like these have been the bane of many who've had the misfortune of encountering them. Cobbled together from junk and numenera; this detonation can have wild and unexpected effects when hurled at the enemy.\n\nRumors have it that most of the unlucky victims of these devices were the people trying to use them; for their instability makes them just as dangerous to their owners as to their enemies.  
Urlimnion This is the sphere you found while you were in Zerian's body; the one the Chimaera sent him to find in Ossiphagan. It's made of copper and hovers half a handspan above whatever surface you place it on. Fine metal shoots stem out from it; turning at right angles to form concentric arcs.  
Vicarian's Merecaster    
Viewshard The shard of glass displays an image of three strangely-garbed children in a field. A sequence of them playing a simple ballgame repeats itself. After repeated viewing, you notice a small child standing further away in the field. This fourth child is looking directly at you. Her large eyes brim with fear  
Willwoven Adamant Regalia This silky garment barely feels even lighter than it looks. Of course;" that's not really surprising; you made this armor with your decisions. It is woven entirely from your thoughts"; given shape by your intent; and it will protect you as you fight your enemies as a nano does: from afar; using your superior intellect and esoteries.\n\nAs fragile as the entire affair appears; you sense a humming field of energy clinging to it that will increase the connection speed between your brain's synapses while passively repelling incoming attacks.\n\n All in all; it's an impressive set of armor. You have quite the imagination; it seems.  
Willwoven Garment    
Witcrafted Shapestone Harness This reinforced suit of hide and intelligent tendons is far lighter than it should be. Of course;" that's not really surprising; you made this armor with your decisions. It is crafted entirely from your thoughts"; given shape by your intent; and it will protect you as you fight your enemies as a jack does: with clever trickery; quick wits; and cunning gadgets.\n\nThe shapestone armoring beneath the overcoat offers extra shielding against cypher energies; allowing you to carry more of the little devils.\n\nAll in all; it's an impressive set of armor. You have quite the imagination; it seems.  
Zero Sum Engine 713 This orb floats above your hand on its own gravity. Its core is as dark as the heart of a dead star. It emanates enormous power. Passing your hand through the ethereal green flames rising from the orb;" you feel a chill run down your spine and can't shake the nagging suspicion that some small part of you has been whisked away.\n\nThis object appears to be an ancient matter-energy converter; when new"; it might have unleashed the energy in a grain of sand to create an explosion the size of a small town. The center of the orb is a pocket dimension. It is dark but for the flashes of lightning as new energy is added; illuminating the endless seas of grey sand from the untapped energy introduced by previous owners.\n\nAlthough the orb has no visible lines or defects; it is nonetheless cracked - and the crack is in its very tie to reality. The energy that may be passed between your world and the pocket dimension is both limited and corrupted; and it may flow in only one direction at a time. In its current state; the orb can spew green flames at your opponents; or you can merge with the orb to absorb energy from attacks made against you.  


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