Spirit Shroud

Armor Type
When damage by Energy, Chemical, Mental or Transdimensional damage, confers Spirit Shroud (+15 Evasion). Active 1 Round.
230 Shin

Spirit Shroud is an Armor in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Spirit Shroud Information

The garment has no defined edges, like a wrapping cover, but someone fitted onto it a dozen crude metal hooking fasteners, When properly draped over one's outer clothing, the fasteners provide a weathertight overlap. Ethereal and mist-like, the shroud's almost non-color nonetheless reflects a vibrant white not ynlike the snow and ice it protects against.

It may well have been plundered from a grave, but the material seems new: spotless and utterly devoid of wrinkles. Why anyone would want to protect the dead from the cold is a valid question. It will find better use amongst the living.


Where to Find / Location



  • Only usable by The Last Castoff


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