Improved Transdimensional Scalpel

Weapon Type
Light Melee Weapon
Physical Damage
Other Effects
+3 damage per Effort applied (Max 18)
Light Weapon Bonus: +15% on weapon attacks.
On hit confers Cut Through Dimensions on target (-5 Resistance), On critical hits wielder also gains Phased (Converts all damage to Transdimensional and grants +30% Evasion, +3 Resistance except Transdimensional damage dealth to this character is +100%) Active 2 Rounds.
770 Shin

Improved Transdimensional Scalpel is a Weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Improved Transdimensional Scalpel Information

A small, fine blade of transdimensional energy extends from a hilt of azure steel. With a twist of the hand, it can quickly be switched on and off. The scalpel's marker, Ioxu, has improved the blade, making it more effective as a weapon. It rapidly shimmers between different realities and ignores most mundane armors, though it was designed to be particularly effective when cutting the flesh of the Bloom.


Improved Transdimensional Scalpel Location / Where to Find

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