A Study in Datasphere Analysis

Quest Item

A Study in Datasphere Analysis is an Item in Torment: Tides of Numenera



A Study in Datasphere Analysis Description

  • This leather-bound journal is filled with various diagrams, notes, and observations of the machines you found near the engines buried beneath Sagus Cliffs. The handwriting is your creator's, and it chronicles his analysis of the datasphere - the net of information that surrounds and permeates the world's air. Some people have drawn power from the world, and others have found a way to transmit knowledge in the blink of an eye. It seems that these machines may have been intended to transmit consciousness itself... or at least to make a rudimentary first step in that direction. The exact steps are unclear, though someone with an extensive background in consciousness transfer or machine intelligences might be able to recreate his work.


Where to Find / Location

  • Have the sticha digging machine excavate a tunnel leading to the sticha's lair.
  • Past the sticha's lair, into the Buried Crossroads.
  • Found inspecting a machine in the Changing God's sanctuary.




  • You must pass an anamnesis test in order to obtain it.
  • If Callistege is in your party, she will ask you to give her the journal.






Item Type

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