Ecstasy Paralyzer

Weapon Type
Light Ranged weapon
 10 Mental Damage
+2 damage per Effort applied (Max +10)
Light Weapon Bonus: +15% on weapon attacks
On hit, confer Dazed (-15% Willpower, -15% on attacks). On critical hits, confer Stunned (Character cannot move or take actions) Active 1 Round.
544 Shin

Ecstasy Paralyzer is a Ranged Weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Ecstasy Paralyzer Information

The foot-longh barrel of this device glows, alternating between different colors when active, and has an organix feel to it. When touched, you also notice it warms up quickly and a slight vibration can be felt. Hexagonal buttons sit behind a small screen on the top, aloowing you to fire a blob of energy that affects the target's mind directly, filing them with overwhelming visions of pleasure. 

The grip and trigger seem to have been fitted on later, made from a dull grey metal,...



Where to Find / Location




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