Tides in Torment: Tides of Numenera are a powerful force. They are described as similar to magnetism or gravity, an intrinsic part of the world, but they are forces linked to morality and behavior, and have a long-lasting impact on those attuned to them. Few people of Numenera know the existence of Tides, even fewer (Like Changing God and Castoffs) know how to contorl them. Tides are defined by your behaviors, choices and conversations. There are five types of tides in game:




  • Blue tide: Tide linked to wisdom, reason, enlightenment, knowledge and mysticism. Philosophers and madmen both can be linked to this Tide.
  • Silver tide: Tide linked to fame, admiration and power. Those attuned to this Tide want to leave their mark on history, or influence others.
  • Indigo tide: Tide symbolizing justice, equity, compromise and the greater good. Law makers as well as tyrants can be associated with this tide.
  • Gold tide: Tide that represents empathy, compassion, charity and sacrifice. Those attuned to this Tide can just as well be philanthropists as they can be crime lords who cares for their community for their own gain.
  • Red tide: Tide representing emotion, passion, action, pathos and zeal. Those associated with this Tide can be artists, revolutionaries or zealots.


Effect of Tides


Action that increse/decrease



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