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Achievement Guide

Icon and Title



 The Last Castoff Unlocked all trophies!  Platinum Trophy
 Not Dead Yet Escaped the Sorrow... for now. Silver Trophy
 A City Carved in Stone Reached Sagus Cliffs. Silver Trophy
 Live Another Life Completed a Mere. Silver Trophy
 Monuments to the Past Reached the Valley of Dead Heroes.  Silver Trophy
 Sanctuary Found Miel Avest.  Silver Trophy
 Belly of the Beast Reached the Bloom. Silver Trophy
 Crystalline Vista Reached the Ascension. Silver Trophy
 Castoff's Fate Activated the Resonance Chamber. Silver Trophy
 Legacy Completed the game. Gold Trophy
 Terminal Velocity Ended your life before it truly began. Bronze Trophy
 For Knowledge Slew the Nychthemeron. Bronze Trophy
 Free Minds Defeated the Adversary. Bronze Trophy
 Just a Taste Became the main course in a Dendra O'hur feast. Bronze Trophy
 A New Home Learn the truth of where Jherem came from. Bronze Trophy
 This is MY Cult Convince the Cult in Sagus Cliffs that you're the Changing God. Bronze Trophy
 Always in Touch Found the Hall of Relics. Bronze Trophy
 Foremen Don't Forget Discovered Min of Tan Liang's embarrassing secret. Bronze Trophy
 I Clank When I Walk Equipped every one of Jernaugh's upgrades. Bronze Trophy
 Accidental Savior Rescued the Memorialists in the Valley of Dead Heroes by failing to find them. Bronze Trophy
 Knowledge Seeker Undertook Tantalum's quest to explore the tombs of the Necropolis. Bronze Trophy
 Valley's Hero Freed the Valley from the Children of the Endless Gate. Bronze Trophy
 Rising Phoenix Helped Phoenix find the answer he seeks. Bronze Trophy
 Transdimensional Midwife Brought a new minnim pair to life. Bronze Trophy
 Peace Bringer Brought peace to Choi's spirit. Bronze Trophy
 Memovira Became the new Memovira. Bronze Trophy
 Private Property Purchased a slave. Bronze Trophy
 Homeworld Bound Returned the lascars to their home. Bronze Trophy
 Ill-gotten Gains Found the murdens' treasure room Bronze Trophy
 War Machine Defeated Waits-for-Prey in combat. Bronze Trophy
 Death Wish Died by drinking too much Bloom juice. Bronze Trophy
 Inside Man Coty betrayed the First on your behalf. Bronze Trophy
 A God in Human Skin Became The Changing God. Bronze Trophy
 Priest Restored Aligern found his friends and family. Bronze Trophy
 Keep Your Friends Close Made Aligern believe that you're the Changing God... and earned his love anyway. Bronze Trophy
 All Too Human Callistege became fully human again. Bronze Trophy
 Ascended Translated Callistege's consciousness into the datasphere. Bronze Trophy
 The Dying Light Powered up Erritis' nanites. Bronze Trophy
 Back to the Farm Freed Erritis from the Audience. Bronze Trophy
 Love Restored Helped Tybir make peace with Auvigne. Bronze Trophy
 Buckle Down Tybir made a dangerous deal with Tol Maguur. Bronze Trophy
 Dangerous Ideals Matkina turned away from her isolation. Bronze Trophy
 Successor Matkina became the new Memovira. Bronze Trophy
 Going Home Rhin returned to her true home. Bronze Trophy
 A New Family Rhin stayed with the Last Castoff. Bronze Trophy
 It's For the Best Rhin found a new family through the House of Empty Time. Bronze Trophy
 Mere Explorer Found all Merecasters. Bronze Trophy
 Overload Acquired one too many cyphers. Bronze Trophy
 A New Beginning Woke up in the Calm after dying. Bronze Trophy
 Hall of Memories Unlocked all elements in the Calm. Bronze Trophy
 Limits of Human Capacity Reached maximum character level. Bronze Trophy
 Beloved The entire party loves the Last Castoff. Bronze Trophy
 Despised The entire party dislikes the Last Castoff. Bronze Trophy

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