Cyphers in Torment: Tides of Numenera are located on this page. Cyphers are unique devices that can perform all manners of different actions, such as offensive area of effects, life drain, or summon beings. Once used, they are completely drained. They are also hazardous to handle, diminishing your effectiveness in combat and even carrying the potential to explode while you carry them. Increasing your Cypher limit can help prevent this.


Name Target Range Effect
image-blocker-tormentImage Blocker Self - Hidden: Creep past your enemies. Removed by most actions or a successful search by an enemy. Consumes Action.
charmpaste-tormentCharmpaste Self - Major bonus on Persuasion tasks
contingent-subroutine-tormentContingent Subroutine Self - The next time this character is reduced to 50% or less in Health or any Stat Pool, automatically refill Health and all Stat Pools (1 use). Consumes Action.
fresh-vapors-tormentFresh Vapors Self - Heals 10 Points of Intellect and confers Fresh Vapors (+1 Intellect Edge)
Prestidigitator Self   Permanent +1 training in quick fingers. Consumes Action.
thick-air-snare-tormentThick Air Snare Enemies in Small area Extreme Confers Knocked Down (-45% Evasion and consumes Movement to stand). Active 1 Round. Consumes Action.
bounder-tormentBounder Point on Ground Long (15m) Teleport to a position within range.
third-man-tormentThird Man Allies in entire area around caster - Refill Health, Might, Speed and Intellect for all party members. Consumes Action.
cryophorous-dart-tormentCryophorous Dart 1 Enemy Medium Deals 20 Chemical Damage and Confers Bleeding (4 damage per turn). Consumes Action.
reconstitutor-tormentReconstitutor Allies in immediate area Medium Heals 10 points of Health to all allies within range of target point. Consumes Action.
phased-detonation-tormentPhased Detonation All in immediate area Medium Deals 12 Transdimensional damage and confers Hobbled to all characters in range of the target point. Consumes Action.
praesector-tormentPraesector 1 Enemy Medium Confers Praesector's Eye on target (-30% Evasion). Consumes Action.
root-spike-tormentRoot Spike 1 Enemy Medium Deals 15 Physical damage and confers Immobilized, Root Spike (Character cannot move, 2 Physical damage per turn). Consumes Action.
the-furtive-eidolon-tormentThe Furtive Eidolon Self - Confer The Furtive Eidolon (+50% on Stealth tasks, +50% on Perception tasks and automatically attempt to hide as a free action at the end of each turn.) Active 5 Rounds.
panoramic-capture-ball-tormentPanoramic Capture Ball Self - Clears the fog of war in the current area.
psychic-detonation-tormentPsychic Detonation All in immediate area Medium Deals 10 Mental damage and confers Dazed to all characters in range of the target point (-15% Willpower, -15% on attacks).
leukotic-bladder-tormentLeukotic Bladder Allies in immediate area Medium Heals 13 points of Health on all allies in range of target point.
Gravity BombGravity Bomb All is Small area Medium All characters in range take 12 Relativistic (Ignores Resistance) damge and Knocked Down (-45% Evasion and consumes Movement to stand).
StimStim Self - Confers Stim (+45% on Non-Combat tasks)
Savant's SlipknotSavant's Slipknot Self - Increase the Stat Pool (Might, Speed or Intellect) with the highest max value by 1.
Barrel of IndomitabilityBarrel of Indomitability Self - Confers Barrel of Indomitability (Heals 6 points of Health per turn and +100% damage). Active Entire Crisis)
BogeoBogeo All in Immediate area Medium Deals 18 Chemical damage and confers Bleeding to all characters in range of the target point (6 Physical damage per turn)
Limnic RejuvenatorLimnic Rejuvenator Allies in Immediate area Medium Heals 23 points of Health on all allies in range of target point.
Mystic MarbleMystic Marble Point on ground Medium Summons a wisp that attacks a nearby enemy on its turn, dealing 20 Energy damage, 8 Physical damage.
Impressively-labeled CanisterImpressively-labeled Canister 1 Ally  Short Confers Impressively-labeled Canister (Converts all damage dealt to Energy and +50% Movement Speed, +15% Evasion, +5 damage) Active Entrire Crisis.
Blood of the ElementsBlood of the Elements Self - Permanent +1 Resistance
Sunspot IconSunspot Icon Point on ground Medium Opens a channel to the nearest celestial body. Fires a blast that deals 28 Energy damage and confers Blinded (Active 2 Rounds) to the nearest enemy on each turn it is active (-50 Movement Speed, -35%Evasion, -35% on attacks, -35% damage).
PanaceaPanacea Allies in Immediate area Medium Heals 30 points of Health on all allies in range of target point.
Still MirrorStill Mirror Allies in Medium area  Around caster Heals 20 points of Health and removes all negative fettles from all allies in range (excludes Flanked and Lasting Damage)
Warding WormWarding Worm Self - Confers Protected (-6 Armor, +3 Resistance)
Hyper-coolant SprayHyper-coolant Spray 1 Enemy Immediate Deals 25 Chemical damage and confers Stunned (Character cannot move or take action).
Quantum Detonation All in Immediate area Medium Deals 28 Transdimensional damage and confers Hobbled to all characters in range of the target point (-50% Movement Speed, -15% Evasion)
BloodglobeBloodglobe All im Small area Medium Deals 24 Mental damage and confers Demoralized to all characters in range of the target point (-20% Willpower, -10% Evasion, -15% on all tasks).
Sac of Molecular AcidSac of Molecular Acid Point on ground Medium Creates an Immediate size slick of noxious acid, dealing 13 Chemical damage to any character who enters or starts their turn in the area.
Heart of Mal'iHeart of Mal'i Self - Confers Hearts of Mal'i (Counters negative fettles (excludes Flanked and Lasting Damage) applied to this character and Heals 1 point of Might, Heals 1 point of Speed, Heals 1 point of Intellect per turn). Active 5 Rounds
Orb of PerceptionOrb of Perception Self - Permanently increase Intellect by 1 gain Orb Perception (+2 Training Level in Perception Skill).
Embrace the AllEmbrace the All Self - Permanent +1 training level is Concentration
Neuropraxic DetonationNeuropraxic Detonation All im Immediate area Medium Deals 20 Mental damage and confers Dazed to all characters in range of the target point (-15%Willpower, -15% on attacks).
Encephalon of Subjugating RevivificationEncephalon of Subjugating Revivification Point on ground Medium Nano-spirits reanimate the muscles of a humaniod corpse to fight by your side.
Element of QuicknessElement of Quickness Self - Confers Element of Quickness (+1 Speed Edge)
Essence of the Elder UnagranEssence of the Elder Unagran 1 Ally Immediate Confers Essence of the Elder Unagran (+4 Resistance, + 8 Energy damage on attacks).
Essence of the Severed TongueEssence of the Severed Tongue Self - Confers Essence of the Severed Tongue (+30% on Deception tasks, +30% on Intimidation tasks, +30% on Persuassion tasks).
Essence of KnowledgeEssence of Knowledge Self - Choose a Lore skill. Permanent +1 Training Level to that skill.
Thousand Years of RestThousand Years of Rest Self - Confers Thousand Years of Rest (+1 Intellect Edge)
Impure EssenceImpure Essence Self - Increase the Stat Pool (Might, Speed, Intellect) with the highest max value by 2. Decreases the other Pools by 1.
Sarrak's EssenceSarrak's Essence 1 Enemy Medium Confers Controlled (Forced to fight on the caster's side). Active 6 Rounds.
Essence of BraveryEssence of Bravery Self - Confer Essence of Bravery (-60% on attacks and +20% critical hit chance on attacks). Active Entire Crisis.
The CureThe Cure 1 Enemy  Medium Target enemy drops some of their possessions then wanders aimlessly, never attacking while The Cure is active.
Changing ToolChanging Tool Self - Confers Changing Tool (+150% on Quick Fingers tasks, +150% on Smashing tasks).
Dance of Sharp Angles Point on Ground   Summons a phased humanoid husk to fight alongside you and confers Phased on the user ( Converts all damage to Transdimensional and grants +30% evasion, +3 resistance; except all (incoming) transdimensinoal damage deals +100%
Devouring ShellDevouring Shell Self - Confers Shell Armor (+20 Armor).
Bedazzling FlowerBedazzling Flower Self - Automatically succeed at the next Persuassion, Deception, or Intimidation task.
Crystal FortressCrystal Fortress Self - Confers Crystal Fortress (Negates the effects of esoteries and ranged attacks). Active 3 Round
Traitor's RingsTraitor's Rings 1 Ally Medium Swap positions with target ally. Completely refills the Health of both target and caster.
Sweeping GloveSweeping Glove Enemies in Small area Around caster 20 Energy damage. Push all enemies in range back a Medium distance, with a chance to deal damage if they pushed into an obstacle
Gladiator's WillGladiator's Will Self - Confers Gladiator's Will (+1 Might Edge, +5 Armor).
All-Burning AuraAll-Burning Aura Self - User is surrounded by a wreath of fire that deals 25 Energy damage to any characters in Immediate range.
Conduit of LifeConduit of Life 1 Enemy Medium Deals 15 Relativistic (Ignore Resistance) damage to target and Heals 16 points of Health on user, but confers Conduit of Life to the user, as well (-4 Armor).
Staff of SnakesStaff of Snakes Enemies in Extreme area Around caster Deals 35 Relativistic (Ignore Resistance) damage and confers Hobbled to all enemies in range (-50% Movement Speed, -15% Evasion).
Thermodynamic DetonationThermodynamic Detonation All in Immediate area Medium Deals 15 EnergyEnergy damage to all characters in range.
Pastel Blue CandyPastel Blue Candy Self - Heals 30 points of Health and permanently increases Intellect by 1
Life Support NoduleLife Support Nodule Self - Refills all stat pools (Might, Speed, and Intellect).
Unstable DetonationUnstable Detonation All in Immediate area Medium Deals 6 Energy damage, 4 Physical damage to all characters in range.
StandstillStandstill Self - Confers Standstill (+1 Training Level in Deception Skill, +1 Training Level in Quick Fingers Skill, +1 Training Level in Initiative Skill).
SparkleSparkle 1 Enemy Medium Deals 4 Energy damage and confers Blinded, Knocked Down (-50% Movement Speed, -35% Evasion, -35 on attacks, -35 damage, -45% Evasion and consumes Movement to stand).
Ring of El-AemorRing of El-Aemor Self - Confers Ring of El-Aemor (Cancels the next negative fettle applied to this character (excludes Flanked and Lasting Damage). and deal 5 Chemical damage to the attacker).
Stichus Amniotic FluidStichus Amniotic Fluid 1 Ally - Heals 15 point of Health and grants Protected (+2 Armor, 1 Resistance).
The Empty ChildThe Empty Child Enemies in Medium area Medium Deals 13 Mental damage and confers Demoralized to all enemies in range (-20% Willpower, -10% Evasion, -15 on all tasks.).
Hyperkinetic ChildHyperkinetic Child Self - Gain Hyperkinetic Child (+30% on attacks, +4 Energy damage on attacks).
Imprisoned PulsarImprisoned Pulsar 1 Enemy Medium Inflicts 23 Energy damage on target enemy.
Shade of the Desert SunShade of the Desert Sun Self - Confers Shade of the Desert Sun (+7 Resistance)
Conflict AdvisorConflict Advisor Self - Confers Conflict Advisor (+30% Evasion, +45% on attacks). Active Entire Crisis.
PhiliacteryPhiliactery Point on ground Medium Summons a humaniod husk to fight by your side
Image ProjectorImage Projector Point on ground Medium Conjures swirl of horrifying illusions in an Immediate size area. Enemies that enter or start their turn in the area take 8 Mental damage.
Burning MouseBurning Mouse Self - Immediately remove all positive statue fettles from all enemies. In addtion, gain Burning Mouse (+50% on Perception tasks).


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