Name Effect Location
Shield - -

Star's KissStar's Kiss

+15% Evasion

Granted Abilities: Star's Kiss ( Next enemy that makes a melee attack on this character get Knocked Down. Active 1 Round )


Shield of the Ceturi PrinceShield of the Ceturi Prince

+20% Evasion

When hit by an attack, confers Hobbled to the attacker (-50% Movement Speed, -15 Evasion). Active 2 Rounds.


Outworn BucklerOutworn Buckler

+15% Evasion

When hit by an attack, confers Protection for the Weary to all allies in Medium range (+15% Willpower, +15% Evasion). Active 1 Round.


Shield of Two SkiesShield of Two Skies

5 Armor

5 Resistance

+25% Evasion


Caul ShieldCaul Shield

+15% Evasion

+2 Might Pool



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