Thick Air Snare

Speed ability
Extreme (30m)
Knock Down (1 round): Major penalty on Speed defense tasks.
75 Shin

Thick Air Snare is a Cypher in Torment:Tides of Numenera.


Thick Air Snare Information

Akin to how a seashell held to one's ear can bring forth the sound of the sea,merely holding this teal bulb-shaped flute device sets one's loose clothing and hair to flow about them as if affected by ocean currents. Upon blowing into the instrument,a violet pulse ripples forth as a swarm of nanities thicken the local atmosphere to a consistency much like water. Shaped by the wielder's will,only those seen as enemies find themselves slowed or otherwise hindered by the viscosity of the air about them.


Thick Air Snare Location


Thick Air Snare Notes

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