Permanent +1 Quick Fingers Skill
61 Shin

Prestidigitator is a Cypher in Torment:Tides of Numenera.


Prestidigitator Information

Inside a small well-made box, you find a finger resting lightly on velvet bedding. The humanoid finger has been partially hollowed out. Synth wiring courses through it, keeping the skin taut. Peculiar pictographs decorate the matte-black box. A humanoid, after having eaten the finger, performs feats of juggling, drawing, and playing a violin. An additional set of cautionary pictographs greatly discourages severing a finger and placing the Prestidigitator in its stead.

Prestidigitator Location

  • Circus Minor
    • Fail the Smashing check on the rocks containing a canister (western edge of map by stairs to govt. sector).
    • Note: in order to retrieve the canister items, you may need to interact with the canister portion before attempting to smash the rocks as the failure may prevent further usage of the rock pile. unconfirmed


Prestidigitator Notes

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