Name Effect

viscera-sprig-tormentViscera Sprig

Deals 1 Relativistic Damage and confers Bleeding to attacker (2 Physical Damage\Turn). Active 3 rounds.

physic-guard-tormentPhysic Guard

Gain +1 Training Level in Cypher Use Skill.

Eyes of the Finite

Granted Abilities

Sucker Punch (Attack that deals weapon damage +3. If the target has a negative fettle, confer Dazed for 1 round (-15% Willpower, -15% on attacks).)

Ring of EntanglementRing of Entanglement

The two characters wearing these matching rings share all fettles and 25% stats healed.

The Shadow RingThe Shadow Ring


+2 Relativistic (Ignores Resistance) damage on attacks

Fractured BandFractured Band

+15% on attacks.

Frost BroochFrost Brooch

 4 Resistance

Deals 5 Chemical damage to enemies entering or starting their turn in Immediate range.

Recalescent StoneRecalescent Stone

 5 Armor

 5 Resistance

Beads of Time NeverendingBeads of Time Neverending

Haste (Confers Hastened (+50% Movement Speed, +15 Evasion, +15 on attacks).

Smart BandSmart Band

Adaptation (Gain Protected (+2 Armor, +1 Resistance). Armor bonus +2 per Tier, Resistance bonus +1 per Tier.)

Conduit RingsConduit Rings

Energize (Choose a damage type. Confer Energized (all damage dealt is converted to the chosen type).


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