Focus ability is listed in this page. Unlike your Descriptor and Type, you will pick your Focus later into your journey. Your Focus provides you with an additional set of Abilities, and any character Type can pick any Focus. The companions you will encounter also have their own unique Foci exclusive to them. You can think of a Focus as an almost superhuman trait that makes your character stand out from the other explorers of the Ninth World. As you grow in experience you will unlock new Abilities unique to your Focus. Once you have selected your Focus, it cannot be changed.

Your main character will gain a focus when in Clock Fathom


Focus Information




Last Castoff Brandishes a Silver Tongue: You know the right thing to say in every situation. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with words. Adds Natural Charisma.
Breathes Shadow You hide in the folds between dimensions, evading even the most watchful eye. Emerging, you rend reality and your enemies along with it. Adds Nocturnal and Surprise Attack.
Masters Defense You study techniques to defend yourself and others, physically and mentally, in any situation. Adds Counterattack and Shield Master.
Rhin Walks Between  Rhin has crossed worlds to return to you at your time of need. Her old gods are with her and stronger than ever. She seem to have brought new gods as well.
Callistege Pierces Reality Callistege has gathered esoteries and knowledge from countless realities. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.
Matkina Murders Matkina is the deadliest assassin in the Protectorate and known as such.
Tybir Knows How to Take Care of Himself Tybir hasn't live this long without learning how to survive, even if it's sometimes at others expenses.
Erritis Is as heroic as he believes himself to be Erritis is a hero because he believes himself to be so. The more heroic his actions, the more powerful and self-fulfulling they become.

Focus Abilities





Ability Names




Brandishes a Silver Tongue Natural Charisma Tier 1  +1 Max Effort for Persuasion, Deception, and Intimidation tasks You are a natural leader, a gracious speaker, and gifted with words. People find it easy to relate to you.
Inspiring Presence Tier 2 Nearby allies gain the Inspired fettle (+5% on all tasks, Evasion, and Willpower. Your steady leadership and ability to keep calm in danger is contagious. Your friends and allies can count on you to guide them to victory.
Invigorating Conversation Tier 4  Critical successes on Persuasion, Deception, or Intimidation tasks refill your Intellect pool. You like people, and you especially like bringing them around to your point of view. It's refreshing and fulfilling.
Breathes Shadow Nocturnal Tier 1 +5% on Quick Fingers, Deception, and Perception tasks. The darkness is your ally. You excel at skills suited for the shadows.
Surprise Attack Tier 1 +10% on attacks and +3 damage while Hidden or targeting a Blinded enemy You strike from the shadows. You see weakness in your enemies, and you strike first  and hardest.
Singularity Spike Tier 2 All attacks gain bonus Relativistic damage. Your weapons blur between multiple dimensions, doing damage to armor, flesh, and reality itself.
Ambush Tier 3 Gain an additional bonus to attack and convert all damage to Relativistic when attacking while Hidden or targeting an enemy that is Blinded. None can prepare themselves for your vicious ambush. You leap from the shadows to deliver a devastating surprise attack.
Event Horizon Tier 4 Once per crisis: Become Invisible (completely untargetable, only removed when it expires - not due to any action). Reality bends to your will, hiding you and your actions from your enemies.
Masters Defense Counterattack Tier 1 End turn immediately and make a basic attack against enemies in range whenever they miss you. You are a patient fighter, willing to wait until the moment is right to strike. Your rivals mistake this for fear... and when they test you, you show them why they were wrong.
Shield Master Tier 1 +10%  Evasion while having an item in the offhand slot. In your skilled hands, you can make almost *anything* a shield.
Resilient Tier 2 Regain a portion of points spent on Effort whenever you fail a non-combat task. Your hidden reserves keep you going when others would be spent.
Armor Expert Tier 2 You are skilled in many kinds of armor. Reduces all armor penalties by one level. Your armor fits you like a second skin. If it were up to you, you'd never take it off.
Interpose Tier 3 If an ally in immediate range takes damage, you can quickly swap with them to take the damage yourself instead. You withdraw to keep a watchful eye over the battlefield, and step in swiftly to take the blows meant for an ally.
Bounceback Tier 4 Whenever an enemy makes a melee attack on you, they are shoved back a Short distance. Subconscious telekinetic energies coil about your body, driving back anyone foolish enough to lay hands on you.


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