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 Tier 1

1 Intellect

Gain Protected (+2 Armor, +1 Resistance), Armor bonus +2 per tier, Resistance bonus +1 per Tier.

Surround your allies with a cloud of nano-spirits that will defend them against damage.

Quantum StepQuantum Step

Tier 1

1 Intellect

Teleport one ally to a point within rage

Distance is an illusion. You can manipulate space to create a shadow door, and draw you ally through it to the other side.

Hedge MagicHedge Magic

Tier 1

2 Intellect

Automatically succed on the next Quick Fingers or Smashing tasks.

You snap your fingers, and knots untangle themselves. Doors pop open, Chests unlock. It's easy if you know how to do it.


 Tier 1

1 Intellect

Remove all negative fettles ( excludes Flanked and Lasting Damage). Heals 6 points of Health.

Channel a subtle esotery through the body of an ally, purging most negative effects from them and healing their wounds.

Infuse Weapon

Tier 1

1 Intellect

Choose a damage type and then make a weapon attack. Deal weapon damage of the chosen type, along with bonus effects based on the type.

You force energy into your weapon, filling it with esoteric power. It's the perfect antidote to an armored enemy.


Tier 1

1 Intellect

Choose a damage type. Deal 5 damage of that type and confer a minor additional effect based on the choice.

+1 damage per Effort (Max 6)

Assail your foes' bodies or their minds with a blast of summoned energy.

Transdimensional OnslaughtTransdimensional Onslaught

Callistege, Tier 1

1 Intellect

Deal 5 Trandimensional damage and confers Hobbled if the target fails to resist (-50% Movement Speed, -15% Evasion).

Though Callistege learned Onslaught long ago, her connection to the multiverse has limited its flexibility. She can only summon transdimensional energies for her attack.


Tier 1

1 Intellect

Confers Compelled, forcing the target to attack you.

Jokes about heritage, parentage, appearance, smell, and imagined mating habits leave your friends rolling with laughter, and your foes seething with rage. They will try to kill you for these slights, to the exclusion of all others, because of your mastery of the form

Issue Challenge

Tier 2

1 Intellect

All enemies in range who fail to resist gain Compelled, Dazed (they are forced to attack you and receive -15% Willpower, -15% on attacks).

Tybir shouts a series of sharp-tongued remakrs on the appearance and parentage of nearby enemies, drawing their full and furious attention.


 Tier 2 Choose a damage type. All damage dealt is converted to the chosen type. Turn the mysterious forces of the world to your advantage. Fill your friends with power and your enemies with regret.

Entrophic Field

Tier 2

2 Intellect

On hit, confers Vulnerable (-2 Armor, -1 Resistance). Armor reduction -2 per tier, Resistance reduction -1 per tier.

You create an energy-siphoning vortex, weaking all within it radius. None can stand before you.


Tier 2

2 Intellect

Deals 8 Physical damage to all enemies struck inside the radius. Even on a miss, deals 1 damage for each level of Effort applied.

You create an explosion of energy with your mind, a swirl of power that burst among your foes


Tier 2

3 Intellect

Automatically succed on the next Persuasion, Deception or Intimidation task.

Make an ally of someone who stands in your way. Tap into your secret powers and change their mind for them.

Illusory WarriorIllusory Warrior

 Tier 2

2 Intellect

Summon a psychic construct that helps you flank your enemies. This character can only summon 1 Illusory Warrior at a time.

Focusing on a point in the battlefield, you summon a glowing, etheral being that whispers in your opponent's ears, distracting them.

Incite Action

Tier 3 Target an ally with enemies in weapon range, then choose one of those enemies. The chosen ally makes an immediate attack on that enemy. You focus on an ally, sharpening their reflexes and boosting their reaction times with your formidable psychic strength.

Gravity ManipulationGravity Manipulation

Tier 3

3 Intellect

Space warping pulse that pushes or pulls all creatures in range.

You treat one of the fundamental forces of the universe as a tool. You draw enemies into your orbit or send them reeling away with the power of your mind alone.

Sow DismaySow Dismay

Tier 3 Enemies in medium area around caster who fail to resist gain Demoralized fettle (-20% Willpower, -10% Evasion, -15% on all tasks) You are a thundercloud in your enemies' minds. Your presence looms in their thoughts, and they fear to cross your path for fear of the outcome.

Myalgic DustMyalgic Dust

Tier 3

3 Intellect 

Fling a cloud of nano-particles in front of  you, dealing 3 Physical damage and conferring Dazed on any enemies who fail to resist (-15% Willpower, -15% on attacks).

You blow a dry handful of nano-spirits into the faces of your enemies. The tiny creatures swarm through their minds, exploding with tiny bursts of agonizing energy.

Cypher AdeptCypher Adept

Tier 3

Trice per day: Preserves a cypher, allowing it to be used twice. Cannot be used with items that grant permnant bonus.

Rhin is always learning and asking questions. Her hunger for knowledge makes her more adept with cyphers than some natives of this strange place.


Tier 4

4 Intellect

Deal 2 Energy damage, 2 Chemical damage, 2 Mental damage, 2 Transdimensional damage, 2 Relativistic (Ignores Resistance) damge, 2 Physical damage for a total of 12 damage. Even on miss deal 1 damage per level of Effort applied.

+1 damage per Effort (Max 4)

You unleash a many-faceted assault upon all enemies before you, using every secret in your extensive repertoire.

Mind Control

Tier 4 Forced to fight on the caster's side. You seize control of a rival's nervous system and make her dance to your need. You spill discord among your foes, turning their strengths to horrible weakness.

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