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Always available

+10%,on Attacks, cannot be directly targeted

Attempt to become Hidden. Line of sight and distance from enemies affects the difficulty.Among the most powerful basic abilities, allowing you to stealth through areas. Removed by most actions. Interactions do not remove stealth, unless noted in dialogue.


Tier 1, Tybir

1 Speed

When an enemy fails to resist, confer Feinted (Weapon damage +4 on the next attack)

Tybir lunges, forcing his enemies to flinch away from a blow that never lands, and leaving them open to devastating follow-up attacks.

Warp DashWarp Dash

Tier 2, Matkina

2 Speed

Teleport to a point and attack all enemies within Short range of the point. Enemies that fail to resist take 1 Transdimensional damage gain Hobbled (-50% Movement Speed, -15% Evasion).

A place exists under space - a way to connect two points by folding the fabric of reality. By touching these points together, you can almost be in two places at once... and the resulting burst of energy slows you foes.

Fell SwoopFell Swoop

Tier 2

2 Speed

Attack ann arc in front of you, dealing weapon damage to all enemies who fail to evade.

Sometimes you might find yourself surrounded and realize that precision fighting isn't the best route forward. Sometimes only brute strength serves. Show them the error of their ways.

Annelidic AttackAnnelidic Attack

Tier 3

2 Speed

Attack that deals weapon damage +3. If the target has any negative fettles, you regain Health equal to 50% of the damage dealth.

You coat your weapon with venom of your own creation. When you strike an enemy, you spill worms into his blood. They devour their way to fresk air and return to you, bringing the gift of life.

Scatter BombScatter Bomb

Tier 4

4 Speed

Attack all enemies in range, dealing 4 Energy damage. Any enemies with negative fettles that you hit are also pushed away a Short distance.

+1 damage per Effort (Max 7)

You summon the energy from the very air around you, drawing strength and power in massive quantities... and then you release it in a great wave.

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