Consumes Action
Point on Ground
Summons a Humanoid Husk to fight by your side.

Philiactery is an Item in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Philiactery Description

  • A tear-shaped vial fits where a lens would be expected on the opposite end of a labile, contoured eyepiece. As the oddly large pendant on a fitted chain, it emanates a cool, blue glow. The vial is almost full with a liquid but its composition is a mystery because there appears to be no way to access the contents.
  • A small hologram indicates a figure crying into the device and placing it upon the ground, but as the vial is already full, your tears should not be required.
  • Once placed upon the ground, the hologram claims, a useful compatriot will appear.



Where to Find / Location

  • Necropolis Tomb
  • View 50 tombs to find




  • Silver is looking for the Philiactery. When you get this you will have a dialogue when you exit the Necropolis Tomb and return to the Necropolis Entrance.  Silver will offer 3 things if the Philiactery is given to him. Gravitational Overseer, Image Projector, or +1 Lore:Machinery permanently.
  • ??







Item Type

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