Ring of El-Aemor

Cancels the next negative fettle applied to this character (excludes Flanked and Lasting Damage) and deals 5 Chemical damage to the attacker.
Consumes Movement

Ring of El-Aemor is an Item in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Ring of El-Aemor Description

  • This serpentine ring seems like a small, thin snake wrapping itself thrice around an invisible finger. Its head features two indigo jewels for eyes that look like trapped lightning, and a gaping mouth with two sharp fangs bared to strike.

    The ring protects the wearer by absorbing any status effect from the bloodstream and converting it into a weapon, a blood needle that can be shot at any living creature.
  • Lore: Mystical: Specialized: The ring is the symbol of a lost cult that worshipped the mythical serpent El-Aemor. This cult specialized in making poison, and crafted these devices from a cache of ancient numenera in their temple. It it said that they once controlled the far north of the Ninth World for a brief period, and legend insists that the mention of El-Aemor still strikes terror in the hearts of some of the inhabitants of that area.



Where to Find / Location

  • Located in Cliff's Edge, but requires you to dig a tunnel or use the Stichus to get to it. It's the green ball with the brain to the left of the cave opening.
  • You need to tap the dome a few times (to fill the opening) and / or reach through the opening a few times, or both. Passing your hand in front of the sphere will just empty it. (Someone please update this with exact info.)




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Item Type


    • Anonymous

      03 Mar 2017 14:04  

      Cypher, Cancels the next negative fettle applied to this character (excludes flanked and lasting damage) and deals 5 chemical damage to the attacker.

      1 use, consumes movement.

      Value 127

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