Ring of El-Aemor

Cancels the next negative fettle applied to this character (excludes Flanked and Lasting Damage) and deals 5 Chemical damage to the attacker.
Consumes Movement

Ring of El-Aemor is an Item in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Ring of El-Aemor Description

  • This serpentine ring seems like a small, thin snake wrapping itself thrice around an invisible finger. Its head features two indigo jewels for eyes that look like trapped lightning, and a gaping mouth with two sharp fangs bared to strike.

    The ring protects the wearer by absorbing any status effect from the bloodstream and converting it into a weapon, a blood needle that can be shot at any living creature.
  • Lore: Mystical: Specialized: The ring is the symbol of a lost cult that worshipped the mythical serpent El-Aemor. This cult specialized in making poison, and crafted these devices from a cache of ancient numenera in their temple. It it said that they once controlled the far north of the Ninth World for a brief period, and legend insists that the mention of El-Aemor still strikes terror in the hearts of some of the inhabitants of that area.



Where to Find / Location

  • Located in Cliff's Edge, but requires you to dig a tunnel or use the Stichus to get to it. It's the green ball with the brain to the left of the cave opening.
  • Is obtainable by tapping the dome, interacting with the orb, tapping the dome, and then checking the mesh. Tapping the dome the first time may not be required. (Please update with further clarification if you have any.)




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Item Type


    • Anonymous

      03 Mar 2017 14:04  

      Cypher, Cancels the next negative fettle applied to this character (excludes flanked and lasting damage) and deals 5 chemical damage to the attacker.

      1 use, consumes movement.

      Value 127

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