Image Projector


Target Point on ground
Range Medium
Effect Enemies that enter or start turn in the area take 8  Mental Damage.
Value 165

Image Projector is a NPC in Torment: Tides of Numenera. 


Image Projector Information

  • Conjures swirl of horrifying illusions in an Immediate size area. Enemies that enter or start their turn in the area take 8  Mental Damage.
  • Consumes Action
  • Fear disrupts the flow of energy around it much like a rock disturbs a flowing river. This image projector detects these minute changes in the energy flow, reconstructs the fear that caused them, and projects it back on a returning vector at a heightened amplitude. Used on a sentient being, the results are quite dramatic, and sometimes spectacular.
  • There are markings on it that look like they may have been numbers or identifiers, but if so, they are damaged beyond any comprehension.



  • Given by Silver if you give him the Philactery after examining 50 Graves inside the Necropolis if you choose Cypher






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