Cacophony Blade

Weapon Type
Heavy Melee Weapon
Physical Damage
Other Effects
+2 damage per Effort applied (Max 15)
On critical hits, deals 8 Mental damage to all enemies in Immediate range.
0 Shin

Cacophony Blade is a Weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Cacophony Blade Information

The cruel blade of this two-handed sword is a massive, black stone chunk, studded with semi-sentient spikes across its upper edge. The spikes shiver with hunger, and when you touch one of the spikes with you finger it wriggles eagerly, as if trying to detach and dig into your flesh, When the spikes hits a target just the right way, a number of them fly off and burrow into anyone within range.

Whenever you use the weapon this way, a demonic sounding screeching fills your ears.


Cacophony Blade Location / Where to Find

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