Weapon Type
Medium Ranged Weapon
7 Physical damage
7 Chemical damage
+2 Damage per Effort (Max: 10)
On critical hits, confer Immobilized (Character cannot move). Active 1 Round.
806 Shin

Needler is a Ranged Weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Needler Information

This sleek, slightly curved tube is usually inert. It springs to life when taken in hand - three needle-tihn muzzles erupt from one end and seek targets. The device's material has a metallic blue sheen, but it feels warm and soft. Putting pressure on the tube causes one of the muzzle to spit forth a minute needle.

The muzzles try to point wherever the operator's looking. The device constantly hums quietly. Occasionally, and with no clear cause. a row of bright red lights appears on one side of the weapon, and the hum becomes a shrill wordless scream. This subsides in an four heartbeats with no apparent side effects.



Needler Location / Where to find




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