Metabolism Fleshbud

Bonded (Artifact)
581 Shin
+1 Speed Edge, +1 damage per Effort (Max 6) on Esotery attacks.
Negative Effects
-2 Speed Pool.

Metabolism Fleshbud is a Bonded Item in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Metabolism Fleshbud Description

This pod-like lump of Bloom-flesh has the shape and size of a small, hemipherical bit of fruit. That is where the similarities end, as the fleshbud is quivering and still very much alive. A mangle of teeth and tongue-like protrusions appear on one side whenever the lump is anywhere close to living flesh. When applied to bare skin, the fleshbud bites and grafts itself to the host, taking on the texture and appearance of the host's skin. Once attached, it vastly improves the metabolic processes of the host, increasing quick reaction speed.



Where to Find / Location

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Item Type


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