The Cold, Caculating Jack

Location Cave of Last Words
Start Casmeen and Mimeon
End Matkina

The Cold, Caculating Jack is a main quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Apperently, a Castoff helped build the resonance chamber. Casmeen and Mimeon don't the name of this mysterious artificer, but the other cast off might.

Only one of Last Castoff's sibling is presently in the city - an albino assassin named Matkina.


This quest is automatically acquired when Fallen to Earth is finished.


A man named Mapper in Underbelly know where Matkina is hidding, but he will only reveal what he knows if Last Castoff can find a hidden sanctuary that was established long ago by Changing God.

To reach that hidden sanctuary , Last Castoff need to find Sticha's Lair first.This can be done by finishing side quest Shaky Foundations peacefully.

Alternatively, Last Castoff can ask Master Foreman to build a digging automaton out of the corpse of a stichus (which can be found in the southwest of the Underbelly). This rewards 3 XP and the machine can bring the party to various destinations.

Either Ch'kekt or Automation will not go further than the entrance to the sticha lair. If quest Shaky Foundations is not solved yet, this place is filled with stichas and their eggs, providing a good opportunity to steal these eggs.But if you want to settle things peacefully between Sagus Cliffs and stichas, visit here after Shaky Foundations is finished.The path to Buried Crossroads is at southwest of map.

Return to Mapper after visited Buried Crossroads. And He revealed that Matkina is hiding out in a place called the Cave of Last Words.

Sticha or automation can take Last Castoff to Matkina's hideout. The assassin is more than surprised to the party appeared in her cave. Obsessed, nervous, emotionally unstable and having lost memories, she is convinced that another castoff named Tash betrayed  and violated her, and she thinks entering the man's memory can resolve some of her questions.

Tash's memory reveals some of Matkina's history, but what whatever you chose, the story doesn't unfold the way Matkina thought.Matkina can then recall that Mazzof is the name of the castoff that helped the Changing God build the resonance chamber, and that the best bet is to look for him at the castoff sanctuary, Miel Avest.

Matkina can be asked to join the party.


New quest: On the Builder's Trail 


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