Shaky Foundations

Location Underbelly
Start Peliai
End Peliai
Reward 40 XP
300 shins
No promise to stichus: Ebon Eyes

Shaky Foundations is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Peliai, a verjellen agent of the Slave Families, is trying to stop stichus from digging underneath the city. Apparently,the creatures are distablizing Sagus Cliff and causing buildings to collapse. Her negotiation has gone she's turned to less honorable tactics.


This quest is acquired from Peliai,an agent of Slave Families. She seeks help to put an end to the tunneling with a drastic measure: stealing the sticha eggs in order to blackmail the sticha into stopping their destructive ways. Peliai also mentioned Last Castoff is free to try diplomatic methods, although she doesn't hold much hope for that solution.


The first option is to steal the sticha eggs. Ask the Master Foreman to create a digging automaton out of the dead body of a stichus, which can be found in a collapsed tunnel to the southeast of the Underbelly. Once created, the automaton will be ready to bring the party to the lair.

The lair has a few juvenile stichas and three clutches of eggs. A crisis starts immediately after opening the first door into the lair. The stichas can either be fought or stunned via the pipes in the walls. Getting the eggs requires variousintellect, speed or might tasks to be completed.

Once all the eggs are acquired, the party can leave the area through the tunnel through which they came in the first place.

Another option is to solve this peacefully.Talk to Ch'kekt, the representative of the sticha, and convince it that their digging here is causing harm to the humans above. The Intellect task aided by Persuasion skill is diffcult,but its diffculty can be reduced by making following arguments:

1. Promise that the city will give them a regular gift of power cells

2. Tell the sticha of the spire of black rock outside the city that would make a much better home for them anyway. The Last Castoff can learn about this by asking Mapper for a good place for the sticha, after Ch'kekt explains how the sticha need the rock for sustenance.

Return to Peliai to report your success.


40 XP
300 shins
No promise to stichus:Ebon Eyes


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    • Anonymous

      I think they have added a timer to this quest, similar to the one for "Circles in Red".

      every day you wait to solve it, another house goes over the cliff. starting with the merchant near the cliffside, which actually leads to something good, and then followed by the children's house where Avina hangs out... which ends up making it so you no longer get access to Avina's songs.

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