Stay of Execution

Location Circus Minor
Start Tybir
End Tybir

Stay of Execution is a Quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

A man named Ris is slowly being executed in Circus Minor. His friend Tybir asked me to help save him.Tybir has a plan to forge a stay of execution,but he needs my help to get the materials for the forgery and deal with the authorities.



This quest is acquired by talking to Tybir.



There are two ways to solve this quest,listed below:

  • 1.Forge a stay of execution:

    You will need a Badge of Office to convince an official to hand over another man's stay of execution. There is a merchant at Government Square who has it. You can buy it from him,steal (Quick Finger task) it from him,or persuade (Intellect task) him to give it to you.

    After you got the badge, find the Council Clerk at the lectern near Sangolin's shop to ask him for Col Cardin's documents. Then you can go to Yeen the Overseer,decieve him to release Ris or pay him to do so.

  • 2.Rally the crowd:

     An alternative way to free Ris is to rally crowd behind you. You need to convince all four of them before you demand prisoner's release.

     2.1 The Horrified Man can be convinced to rally with an Intellect task aided by the Persuasion skill.

     2.2 The Excited Man can be convinced that Ris is not a real traitor with an Intellect task, aided by the Persuasion and Deception skills.

     2.3 The Unmoved Woman can be convinced to lead the rally directly.

     2.4 The Intrigued Woman can be shown that a man's life is more important than the wisdom she thinks she can find in his dying words.

     Yeen the Overseer is then forced to release Ris.






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