The Sanctuary of Miel Avest


Miel Avest


Paj Rekken




100 XP

The Sanctuary of Miel Avest is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

I've found the castoff sanctuary of Miel Avest. Several castoffs are gathered here, hiding from the Sorrow. Mazzof is not among them, but maybe somebody knows where he is. I ran into Paj Rekken, commander of the First's forces in the Endless Battle (and former commander of Matkina). She said she hasn't seen Mazzof in years, but that someone named Aadiriis might know where to find him.



  • To start this quest, talk with Paj Rekken the first time you entered Miel Avest.



  • Speak with Lady Anshe and Aadiriis.
  • Talk to Melmoth about the Tides
  • Return to Aadiriis
  • Resolve an argument between Andronus and Raima
  • Return to Aadiriis
  • Be prepared before you enter the mere, make sure your teammates all in combat ready.
  • In the mere, you can Use Perception to find a staff. Nothing of value in obsidian formation. But you can try to study the creature guarding here. (Lore: Natural, Lore: Mystical)
    You can also speak to dead to learn more information, and animate a dead to distract fire wights.
    Fire wights dont notice you if you move in warm air.
  • After you found Mazzof in mere, he will tell you the true plan of Changing God and the First Castoff is still alive and planing.
  • Changing God pulls you into a fathom, he is that spectre reside in your mind the all time. And he claim to be the owner of this body. You need to stop him from absorbing you. (unleash the Words of Qra you've learned at The Fifth Eye or call the Ghostly Woman to your aid )
  • After you back to Miel Avest, Sorrow fragments have overrun the place. Take care of them and save the rest castoffs if you like.
  • You may want to save everyone, but that turns out be almost impossible. The Sorrow will show up about 3-4 turns, it has 800 hit points and can deal more than 450k damage in a single blow.  Your best strategy is to activite these small generators and save those nearest to you.
  • The Sorrow's blow destroy all but one portals. You need to activite the feretory quickly to escape. (you may find time insufficant. The best strategy is only to save 2 castoffs on your right, then whole team move towards feretory before Sorrow show up. You may send one teammate to save Melmoth Leviarm. )
  • There is a merecaster on a corpse just on your east after Sorrow fragments attack.



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