Miel Avest  is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Miel Avest


 Talk to lady Anshe first, she can tell you about this place, and upgrade your teammates' outfit. Then find Aadiriis, she has the mere of Mazzof, but you need to earn her trust to acquire it.

  • ??





Miel Avest Sub Areas

  • None



  • ??


Notable NPCs

  1. Lady Anshe
  2. Aadiriis
  3. Paj Rakken
  4. Chalcedon
  5. Melmoth Leviarm
  6. Andronus Sandhand
  7. Raima Cyro
  8. Elkeshai





  • Interact with the feretory can kill you.
  • Interact with obelisk repeatedly will eventually gain 8 XP (four times 2 XP), for witnessing the Sorrow's attack and killing of a group of castoffs and a message from the Ghostly Woman.


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