Nethermost Cavity  is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Nethermost Cavity


This could be your most diffcultist fight, or easist, depend on your strategy.

Bloom will keep summoning small Maws to stop you, there is no point waste time on them. Every time you strike one down, another will be summoned. On the 2-3 turn Bloom will transport some Bloom cultist including Inkpot to stop you.

Your best strategy, is to rush to portal as fast as possible. Leave one or two teammates to delay them, another two to interact with portal to open it. (Require 3 times of interaction)

The "doors" on the way can be opened by Might tasks. Or you can use tidal surge on nearest Tongue Cluster to force them open.(Intellect tasks)

Once you opened the portal and entered it, all fallen teammates will recovered. (Use the left road or middle one to approach portal, for Bloom usually summons its cultist on right side.)

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Nethermost Cavity Sub Areas

  • None




Notable NPCs

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