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Into the Depths is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

mission description.



  • Momevira told you one of her man - Ishen, was consumed by Bloom. She need you to travel to Bloom's heart to rescue him.



  • First, visit Srine of Great Chila, there is a Maw that leads to depth of Bloom.
  • Talk to Speck at the Shrine of Great Chila to reveal the Maw. Interact with it to find what it needs.
  • The Maw needs a predator to open, you can offer Waits-for-prey, or teammate, or yourself, or Jar of Iron Wind.
  • Now you reached The Gullet,  some combatants are fighting each other near the entrence, they will attack you if you get too close. However you can communicate with Tongue Cluster nearby, use tidal surge to force it transport thoese combatants to somewhere else.
  • There is a pool in the centre of The Gullet, tie knots of neaby tube cluster, use the Sealant Spray  and Sealant Bomb  found on nearby armed suit will dry this pool and reveal portal to  Nethermost Cavity.
  • Before you go for Nethermost Cavity, you may want to interact with Tongue Cluster in southeast room, doing this will reveal another Maw. Persuade Siowan to offer himself to this Maw opens a portal to Chamber of Bones.
  • Their are some valuables for you to loot in Chamber of Bones, and Forgotten Niche.
  • Enter the Nethermost Cavity, neglect the enemies, rush towards the portal. Interact with it multiple times to open it.
  • In Heart Interior, you can persuade your teammate to face Bloom with you, or face it alone. Either way, you will free Mazzof and learn the story behind Memovira.
  • Back to  Memovira's Fortress. (You may try to alter the past of one of First Castoff's body guard by using Frictionless Merecaster. Sadly even if you force her to attack First Castoff in the past. She will still show up at First Castoff's side, acussing you for messing her mind.)
  • You can try to fight First Casoff now, but it will be diffcult. Or you can lie to her, once the Sorrow fragments shows you have the chance to redirct the energy to your self. Either way, after several turns all Castoff will be sucked into Labyrinth. (But if you activiate the resonance, redirect energy to yourself, you will be more powerful than the rest castoffs.)



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    • Anonymous

      14 Mar 2017 10:11  

      If you freed the abykos and he lived through the battle, then he will also come in to the heart with you and start feeding on it's transdimensional energies.
      (You can save him by reaching the Heart as fast as possible, also by summoning Fire Elementals to help him.

      This will weaken the Bloom's mind and you can infiltrate it with an [Intellect] check!

      Also, Erritis doesn't require a [Persuasion] check to accompany you while speak with the Bloom.

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