Trade Post  is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Trade Post


 Loot this place for some shins, you may try to communicate with Tongue Cluster, but nothing can you understand. (If Matkina is with you, she will tell you that means you are in deep of Bloom.)

When you retrived Magmatic Annulet and back to this place, the portal to Chiurgeon Slump is closed. However you can use the power of Magmatic Annulet (as a translator) to communicate with Tongue Cluster. Move the Trade Post to its original place will open an exit to The Great Interior. (Steal the knowledge of people devoured here will grants you 1 Intellect Pool)

  • ??





Trade Post Sub Areas

  • None




Notable NPCs

  1. Tongue Cluster



  •  ??



  • ??


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