Circus Minor in Torment: Tides of Numenera is an location in Sagus Cliffs. It is the first place you see after you left Reef of Fallen Worlds. Many people think Circus Minor is the center of the city, as people meet and trade here. The public exectuion ground is also located here.

Circus Minor


Experience can be gained here:

Notable Items

Items can be found in this area:

  • 144 Shins for succeeding at the might task of smashing the stones in the rubble near the stairs to Government Square.
  • 83 Shins in a canister the rubble near the stairs to Government Square.


Merchants in this area:

  • ???


Missions in this area:


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    • Anonymous

      I experimented with the canister filling it with stones and the most value I could get out of it was pushing the gold button which gives you the Conflict Advisor (worth 225 shins) and failing to smash it after which gives you the Presdigitator also valued at 225 shins.

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