Beloved slave

Circus Minor
Tol Maguur
Tol Maguur
Tidal Affinity

Beloved slave is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Tol Maguur,a slaver in Circus Minor,has request Last Castoff to find her "ward",a girl named Rhin. Tol promised if Last Castoff bring Rhin back to her,she has valuable information to trade in return.



This quest can be acquired from Tol Maguur,a slaver in Circus Minor. She recognized Last Castoff as a castoff and says she dealt with many of them. Bring Rhin, her ward, back and she can share some valuable information with Last Castoff.



Rhin is hiding in Cliff's Edge, below rubbles of a collapsed house in the north of square. After you find her, three thugs show up and demand this girl be delivered to Tol Maguur. There are multiple ways to deal with them:

1. Persuade them slavery is evil.
2. Intimidate them.
3. Decieve them to think that Lastcastoff will sent the girl to Tol Maguur in their stead.
4. Kill their leader

After a short conversation, Rhin can be recurited or sent to Tol Maguur. Whatever you chose, you need to bring Rhin to Tol Maguur in order to solve the situation. There is a difficult persuastion check to pass to get Rhin and and increase in Tidal Affinity, but it is the best outcome.



  • A new compainion, Rhin joins Last Castoff's team.
  • Hand Rhin to Tol Maguur and increase your Tidal Affinity by 1.
  • Both paths reward 25XP and an increase to your Tidal Affinity by 1.
  • Kill Tol Maguur and her slavers. If you do you will gain 25 XP about 80~ Shin and several melee weapons that are unimpressive. You must decide to do with Tol's body as well, which has consequences ??



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