Gender Female
Race Human
Location Circus Minor

Prata is a Merchant in Torment: Tides of Numenera. She appears in Circus Minor.


Prata Information

  • Prata is merchant in Circus Minor, she can give Last Castoff clues about quest´╝ÜFallen to Earth.
  • Asking Prata about fixing a complicated device grants 2 XP, give Prata the shard you found at Broken Dome grants another 2 XP. Incorrect - these XP interactions apply to the conversation with El-Jinto, not Prata.
  • Sells Cyphers
    • Prata will grant a discount if asked.





  • ???



Name Type Number in Stock Effect Cost
Sprayflesh Usable Item 5 Heals 8 points of Health. 40
Elutriated Force Usable Item 3 Heals 3 points of Might. 40
Fleetfoot Moss Usable Item 4 Heals 3 points of Speed. 40
Encepahlic Rush Usable Item 2 Heals 3 points of Intellect. 40
Contingent Subroutine Cypher 1 The next time this character is reduced to 50% or less in Health or any Stat Pool, automatically refill Health and all Stat Pools (1 use). 88
Third Man Cypher 1 Refill Health, Might, Speed and Intellect for all party members. 92
Cryophorous Dart Cypher 1 Deals 20 Chemical damage and confers Bleeding. 92
Reconstitutor Cypher 1 Heals ten points of Health to all allies within range of target point. 68
Phased Detonation Cypher 1 Deals 12 Transdimensional damage and confers Hobbled to all characters in range of the target point. 94
Praesector Cypher 1 Confers Praesector's Eye on target (-30% Evasion) 63

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