Sagus Cliffs is a city and the main starting area in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Bordered by an inland sea, the city is vast, both vertically and horizontally. It has been built, layer upon layer over millennia by many different civilizations, resulting in a clash of architectural styles. Buildings are not only built up, but out, some held up with almost no support, seemingly hovering under their own power. Some structures extend the city beneath the sea, past the fallen houses battered by the waves at the base of the cliff.

To the northeast lies the Bloom, encroaching on Sagus Cliffs' territory an inch more every year. While the people of Sagus Cliffs, nobles in particular, think of it as a menace and a nightmare and refuse to go near it, merchants are all too happy to settle near it, hoping to acquire rare and exotic items from other dimensions.


Sagus Cliffs used to be more than just a city. It used to be the capital of the Sagus Protectorate, a large kingdom that has now shrunk to only include the city's borders.

Being in a optimal location, the city, and thus the Protectorate, made large amounts of money by acting as a conduit between the west and the Garravia Sound. And with that money came the power to expand the borders of the kingdom.

That expansion was brought to an abrupt stop when a slave revolt broke out in the Bloom and spilled into Sagus Cliffs two centuries ago. The power structures were toppled and the aristocracy was forced to lay low and pretend to be paupers, giving the former slaves money and power over the next century. Then, once the slave leaders became comfortable with their new-found power, the old aristocrats managed to reclaim their status and rank by marrying into the slave families. They still call themselves the Slave Families, even though most of the former slaves were excised from the families long ago.


Sagus Cliffs is governed by an elected aristocratic council and a leader selected by said council. Each year, representatives of the Slave Families gather to elect one of their own to serve.


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