Government Square in Torment: Tides of Numenera is the political center of Sagus Cliffs. The Council Tower hosts Council meetings.

Government Square


Experience can be gained here:

  • 2XP, catch one of the creatures in the fountain and listen to it.
  • 2XP, examine the archway north of the Order of Truth (Area).
  • 2XP, repeatedly looking through the orbiting holes in space at the generator near the archway.
  • 2XP, ask if Irathor Brenn can read thoughts.
  • 2XP, successfully remembering how the Last Castoff knows Irathor Brenn.
  • 2XP, trading a secret with Iyene Who Knows.

Notable Items

Items can be found in this area:

  • Cyclonic Cube, from looking through the holes in space orbiting around the archway generator.
  • Jalley, from catching one of the creatures in the fountain.
  • ???


Merchants in this area:


Missions in this area:


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Sagus Cliffs



Outdoor Location


Government Square Sub Areas




Notable NPCs

  1. Sigyn
  2. Council Clerk
  3. Alcen Perie
  4. Sangolin
  5. Irathor Brenn
  6. Iyene Who Knows



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