The Airship Thief

Location Caravanserai
Start Master Rennio
End Master Rennio
Reward 40 XP

The Airship Thief is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Master Rennio, an airship captain at Caravanserai,is looking for the man who stole one of his vessels. Until the thief is caught, he has grounded his remaining ship.


This quest can be acquired from Master Rennio at Caravanserai.


Erritis is the theif who stole Master Rennio's airship. If he is with Last Castoff, Master Rennio will require Erritis to work for him, until the debt is paid. You can convince Master Rennio Erritis isnt capable of doing any kind of work, this is a Intellect task aided by Persuasion skill.

Or, Last Castoff can offer to pay Erritis' debt for him, that will also solve the problem.

If you cant convince him and dont have the money, Master Rennio will ask you to talk to Concil Clerk and find if there is anything can be done for him.

Heading to the Council Clerk in the Government Square and talking to him about a certificate of indemnity. (Helping Peliai in Shaky Foundations, or blackmail Lord Vuntgen  in Hidden Enemy required.)


Travel to The Valley of Dead Heroes


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