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Waits-for-prey is a NPC in Torment: Tides of Numenera. 


Waits-for-prey Information

  • Speaking to him grants 2 XP if you ask about him being eaten about the Bloom thoroughly
  • Drops Waits-for-prey's Head and Quantum Detonation if killed
  • His head can be used to open the Maw that leads to the heart, saving the life of one of your companions during the Into the Depths quest








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    • Anonymous

      Psychic Focus, Pellucid Wrap, Surprise Attack, Singularity Spike, Targeting Eye, Ambush, Unstoppable Force, and Event Horizon.

      Fight: Trivialized.

      • Anonymous

        If you REALLY want to kill him and are not strong enough. Use the Solar Icon thingie you get. I think its from the ship near him.
        It hurts him every round. You have to be powerful enough to survive for a while though and maybe deal a little damage.
        I used a grenade that stuns him and another that knocked him down, helps a lot.

        • Anonymous

          200 hp, missile barrage and a warping attack that strikes 3 times per round for about 20-22 damage on unarmoured, immune to flanking. Do not attempt unless you are well rested and equipped.

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