Borrowed and lost


Circus Minor






One of Falinda's extra books

Borrowed and Lost is a  in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

Falinda, a book seller in Circus Minor, accuses the Last Castoff of theivery for borrowing a very rare book and never returning it. It seems important to Falinda that this book be found and returned.


Quest Start

  • This quest can be acquired by talking to Falinda in Circus Minor.



  • The book Falinda is looking for can be found in the Buried Crossroads, a former lair of the Changing God. 
  • The Buried Crossroads can first be accessed by starting the side quest Shaky Foundations, it's entrance is in the SW corner of the Sticha Lair. Alternatively you can take a more direct route to the crossroads by following The Cold, Calculating Jack questline.  
  • (Before returning it to Falinda, it's a good idea to read The Tome of Singing Thorns and attempt to solve it's puzzle.) 
  • Return the tome to Falinda in Circus Minor to complete the quest, Falinda will then offer to give the Last Castoff a different (less valuable) book as thanks for finally returning The Tome of Singing Thorns. You can choose to decline her offer for a small increase in the Last Castoff's Gold Tides



  • 25XP
  • One of Falinda's extra books or a small increase in Gold Tides.



  • The Changing God borrowed The Tome of Singing Thorns at least a decade prior while still using the Last Castoff's body, this is why Falinda only refers to the Last Castoff as "thief."

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      Each of Falinda's books increase the tides: 1. indigo and blue; 2. red; 3. blue; 4. silver and blue; denying increases golden tide;

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