Fallen to Earth

Location Broken Dome
Start -
End Casmen and Mimeon
Reward 100 XP

Fallen to Earth is a main quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Last Castoff miraculously survived a fall from many kilometers above Earth's surface, only to find himself/herself in another unexpected situation. The only hope to stop sorrow - the creature hunts him/her - is to climb inside crystal resonance chamber and activited the device. Unfortunately, the resonance chamber was badly damaged by that fall and need to be fixed.


This quest is automatically acquired after Last Castoff fell to earth.


  • Talk with Aligern and Callistege about the chamber.
  • Ask Master Foreman in Underbelly how to fix resonance chamber and show it the fragment of crystal from resonance chamber. 
  • Talk to Casmeen and Mimeon, the local leaders of Changing God's cultists, and promised them to fix that clock-like device in Circus Minor.
  • Interact with that clock activates three nearby devices, all of them located near Changing God cultists' tents. Each device holds a vision of a time in Sagus Cliffs past and images of the three memories uncovered at the very beginning of the game float on their surface. One of the three memories must be locked in to the device that matches their place in time:
  • The device in the center shows a recent vision of the square, with young versions of several of the people around. It corresponds to the most recent memory of the underwater city.
  • The device to the west shows a very different square, but some buildings are similar. (One building is the one described by Jherem, giving a clue to the place in time of the vision.) The memory of the lush valley corresponds to this device.
  • The device to the east shows an ancient vision of Sagus, with buildings that have long since been destroyed. This corresponds to the thousand year old memory of a besieged city.
  • Fix that clock gives 3 XP.
  • Interact with that clock again, the Last Castoff is teleported to Clock Fanthom, another mind construct of his/her own. Three other Castoffs that were in that clock also teleported here. Ask them how to get out of this place.
  • Chose one of the focus (slivertougue gives you Natural Charisma ability,mastery defense gives you Shield Master, breathes shadow gives you Suprise Attack and Nocturnal ability.) will open a portal of exit.
  • Talk to Casmeen and Mimeon again, they will direct Last Castoff to find another Castoff, Matkina, also known as white death. 



New Quest: The Cold, Calculating Jack


Alternatively, last Castoff can turn to Order of Truth for help.That path requires Last Castoff to finish The Anechoic Lazaret given by Salimeri.

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