Chiurgeon Slump  is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Chiurgeon Slump


 When you first time visit here, speak with Artaglio. He will tell you his story in the past. He will also hints you the missing patrol (Rumblings of Discontent).

There this a man named Orth Faung  wants to have a word with Aligern.

To open the Maw to Trade Post, Artaglio must be consumed by it. However, since Artaglio refuse to be eaten, you need to find another way. Ask Sheen that if she can make some chemicals that will open the Maw.

Sheen said she can create an essence of Artaglio, to fool Maw. You need to get some hair from Artaglio, then talk to Sheen again. Drink the essence then off yourself to Maw, the process will kill you but at least the portal is open.

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Chiurgeon Slump Sub Areas

  • None




Notable NPCs

  1. Orth Faung
  2. Sheen
  3. Artaglio





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