Severed Child


Valley of Dead Heroes


Floating crystal at Valley




40 XP

Severed Child is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

I saw a disturbing memory inside a floating crystal in the Valley. The memory belonged to a man tormented by horrors beyond his control - and bloodthirsty cultists who kill for him whether he wants them to or not. The memory contained few leads to follow, but the name of a young girl was mentioned - Choi. This Valley is full of the dead and their memorials. Maybe someone knows more about what happened to her.



  • Examine the floating crystal at Valley of Dead Heroes.



  • Visit Oddwald's Tomb, code 5143, ask him about the story.
  • Visit Choi's Tomb, code 4221, learn the name of severed child. 
  • Talk to Ronos Cai'sul's at the landing zone of valley, ask him about his name. (that is, you didnt turn them to Children of Endless. But even if you do, this quest can still be completed.)
  • Visit Ronos Cai'sul's Tomb, code 2413. Learn the story of severed child.
  • Visit Endless Gate, code 1254. When you use the Merecaster, make sure to ask him to give you Choi back. Doing so completes the quest and adds her to your collection of reflections.
  • Enter the portal, ask Inifere to close the gate and he will appear in your mind, granting you Inifere's Madness ability later. Or you can kill him.





  • It is extremely difficult to defeat Inifere and it is recommended that you have many good Cyphers and are at full health when facing him. Each batch of people you kill to bypass the enemies in this area give him +15 HP, but it is recommended to do so anyway because you cannot return to rest once entering this area and there are 3 enemy groups between you and him if you don't use them.
  • If you sent Quijano Del Taoboso off to fight the Children of the Endless Gate in Caravanserai he will assist you in this battle making it slightly easier.

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