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Endless Horror is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

The Children of Endless Gate have made a slaughterhouse of the Valley. The only way they will leave us is if I can close their Gate in the Necropolis, somehow.



  • After protecting Ronos from the children of Endless Gate, he will ask you to drive them away.



  • Enter the Necropolis Entrance.
  • Help memorialists handle the Children of Endless Gate, or the reverse. You need the passcode (Guni) for the whisperlock, see The Caretakers' Riddle
  • The endless gate is at Necropolis Tomb - 1254, but dont just get there right now unless you dont want to solve this peacefully.
  • complete quest Severed Child , then enter The Endless Gate.
  • Find Inifere inside the endless gate, convince him to close the gate or fight him.
  • Report to Memorialists.
  • Talk to Ronos for reward.
  • If you manage to persuade Inifere close the gate, you can later find him inside your mind. Absorbing his emptiness grants you Inifere's Madness





  • It is extremely difficult to defeat Inifere and it is recommended that you have many good Cyphers and are at full health when facing him. Each batch of people you kill to bypass the enemies in this area give him +15 HP, but it is recommended to do so anyway because you cannot return to rest once entering this area and there are 3 enemy groups between you and him if you don't use them.
  • If you sent Quijano Del Taoboso off to fight the Children of the Endless Gate in Caravanserai he will assist you in this battle making it slightly easier.

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