Ashen Imitation

Location The Fifth Eye
Start Ghostly Woman
End Buried Crossroads
Reward 40XP

Ashen Imitation is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

After being strangled to death by a ghostly woman in the Fifth Eye, the Last Castoff awakes in a new fathom of the Labyrinth. There the ghostly woman appears again and claims that women in Sagus Cliffs are being transfered into copies of her, though she doesn't know how or why, she wants to help them if she can.


This quest is acquired by not resisting when the Ghostly Woman in the Fifth Eye attempts to strangle you.



After everything goes dark, the Last Castoff will reawake in a new location inside the Labyrinth known as Daughter's Fathom, the Ghostly Woman can be found towards the Northeast, she reveals that the Last Castoff will have to find copies of her hiding in women around Sagus Cliffs to restore her memory.

(The Last Castoff needs to locate at least 3 of the women to advance the quest, locating 4 will add a non-violent dialogue option later in the quest.)

1. Loss-of-Self is standing in Cliff's Edge, just north of the Fifth Eye. Loss-of-Self is also involved in the Wayward Daughter quest given by Mother Temaz.

2. Sygin, the Captain of Levies, can be found standing between two levies towards the East of Government Square.

3. Avina, a young flute player, can be found standing near two other children in the Southeast of Cliff's Edge. Telling her she looks like someone in the Fifth eye yields 2 XP.

4. Seria's body can be found inside a collapsed house in Cliff's Edge, interacting with her remains pulls her reflection into The Calm. She can also be found as part of the The Sorrow's Prey quest.


5. Kiyatawa is a Dendra O'hur Cultist that can be found in the Underbelly, inside the Dendra O'hur Chapel. She is also involved in the Circles of Red quest.


Return to Daughter's Fanthom (Tranquility in Caravanseri can hypnotize the Last Castoff to quickly send them to The Calm). Once the copies are located they will appear in Daughter's Fathom, interacting with them will expand the fathom and restore pieces of the Ghostly Woman's memory.


After interacting with 3 copies, a Ghostly Man will appear in front of the main machine, the Ghostly Women will ask you to stop him. When asked to turn off the machine the Ghostly Man will refuse and summon three Tabahts to keep you from stopping him. At this point you can either fight the Tabahts and force the Ghostly Man to reveal how to deactivate the engine, or if you found at least 4 of the copies you can attempt a somewhat difficult persuasion check to avoid combat. (The Last Castoff will be alone and the pesuasion check disappears if failed, so make sure you have plenty of intellect to spend.)  


The probability engine can be found in the Buried Crossroads. They can be accessed by either peacfully completing Shaky Foundations, then asking Ch'kekt to take you to the Stitcha Lair, an entrance to the Buried Crossroads can be found in the SW corner.




You can ask the Master Forman in the Underbelly to build a digging automaton out of a dead Sticha, it functions very similarly to Ch'kekt, but if you use it to enter the Sticha Lair before completing Shacky Foundations the lair will be filled with hostile Sticha.

(If you've already started The Cold, Calculating Jack, talking to Mapper and asking about Matkina will add an option to travel directly to the Buried Crossroads.)


Once you've deactivated the probability machine you can use the mirror with the red line in the middle of the crossroads to return to the Labyrinth, talking to the Ghostly Woman should complete the quest.




  • 40XP




  • (Minor Spoiler) Completing Circles in Red can cause one of the women to disappear, so completing this quest first is recommended, but not required. Circles in Red is a timed quest that shows up after the first time you sleep and progresses everytime you sleep after that until completed, so ideally this quest should be completed before you've slept for the second time.



  • (Possible Bug) Sometimes the Last Castoff won't notice that Kiyatawa resembles the Ghostly Woman until after Ashen Imitation is completed. Reloading to a point before talking to her for the first time doeasn't seem to fix it, there might be a reason for this, but currently it seems to happen randomly across different playthroughs. 



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    • Anonymous

      by the time I got this quest Kiyatawa already fled because I suspected her of being the murderer. the remaining 4 women were enough to complete the quest.

      • Anonymous

        There is no bug with Kiyatawa. You need to be eaten first. Jump off the ledge when you exit the Cave of Lost Words. RadekZC

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