Wayward Daughter

Location Cliff's Edge
Start Mother Temaz
End Mother Temaz
Reward 25XP and Caul Shield

Wayward Daughter is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Mother Temaz,an old midwife in Cliff's Edge, asked Last Castoff to assist one of her wayward "children", a woman who has lost her name and memories, and is descending into madness, who calls herself Loss-of-Self.


This quest can be acquired only by female Last Castoff and talking to Mother Temaz.


Loss-of-Self can be found near the three triangles north of the Fifth Eye. She explains that she has slowly been loosing her memories for years, and is in a desperate fight against a woman in her head who's been trying to take over her mind and body. She adds that despite what she's been experiencing, the woman is nice. She thinks it all started when she encountered her in the Fifth's Eye. She also suggests looking at the records in Government Square.

Last Castoff can persuade her to give up her fight and commit suicide,or surrender her mind to the woman inside her head.Alternatively,Last Castoff can solve her problem by fishing another quest-Ashen Imitation.
Whatever Last Castoff do,report to Mother Temaz to finish this quest.


25XP and Caul Shield.


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