Servant of the Tides


Buried Crossroads


Interact with mirrors





Servant of the Tides is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

I freed... something from the mirrors in the Buried Crossroads. Now it seems to be calling me from inside my own mind.





  • When you traveled to Buried Crossroads, interact with the mirrors ( choosing the shivering lens) to acquire the quest Servant of the Tides.
  • To your Labyrinth, talk with Oom and ask it to travel with you. (provide you have companion slot left). Then back to the real world.
  • Travel to Reef of Fallen Worlds, interact with the floating cones to learn more about Oom.
  • Examine the Oom, touch its eyes again to learn another history of Changing God.
  • Use tidal affinity on Oom to further learn its secrets.
  • Travel to Little Nihliesh and learn more about tidal affinity from Aen-tozon



  • ??



  • Remember, in current game version you have no way to go back to sagus cliff once you leave. So you may want to recurit it before you leave.

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