Familiar Skies


Little Nihliesh


Broken Lascar Helm


Captain Janur


25 XP

Familiar Skies is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

A recording I found in an old helmet suggests that its owner was on the verge of an important discovery. She had planned to check her data with something called the Navigational Cortex. The owner of the helmet was never able to complete her work... but maybe I can. In the recording, the helmet's owner spoke of returning to a place called the Anchorage. I should try to find this place and speak to her people. They might be able to tell me more about her and the Cortex she mentioned.





  • Complete the quest The Newborn Maw and make you way into the Last Anchorage. Once there attempt to use the door to the cortex and then speak with Pilot-major Genjes and intiated her tour Crisis. While she is touring one member of your party, place one that is good with Stealh and Quick Fingers at the middle of the ship and have them use Deception on the crew member. At the same time send someone good with Smashing or Lore: Machinery to the door to the cortex room to open it.
  • Once inside use the computer to intiniate the removal of the core. After each stage the party member you left in the middle of the ship will need to use the computer to verify the result. Repeat this process while one party member follows Pilot-major Genjes around. Once you have completed the final stage analyze the Broken Lascar Helm and ask about coordinates.
  • Once finished have a party member speak to Captain Janur





  • DO NOT pull the cortex from the computer if you wish to complete this quest.

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