The Newborn Maw


Little Nihliesh






600 shin
25 XP

The Newborn Maw is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

A new Maw has appeared in Little Nihliesh recently, and the mutant leader of the area, Gar-koto, has asked you to open it.



  • Gar-koto  will ask you to find a way to open the new born maw.



  • If you force Vrung to release Delny, then she can help you decide what Maw wants.
  • If you have high perception skill, you will realease what Maw seek is guilt.
  • If you absorbed the Catena AIs, you can offer them to the Maw and open it.
  • If you or Matkina bonded with the Bloom, you can order it to open.
  • You can open it with the Transdimensional Scalpel.
  • If Coty (from Freedman) is still your slave, you can feed him to it.
  • You can also feed Herja to Maw, ask Gar-koto's permission first. Then ask Herja to face Maw's judgement.
  • Enter the newly opened Maw, then report to Gar-koto. (The portal leads to an spaceship related to quest Marooned on an Alien Shore)
  • Gar-koto will ask you to return the prison once hold Herja.



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