Memovira's Courtyard  is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Memovira's Courtyard


Once you escaped the Sorrow, you will be transported here, inside Bloom, a giant, devouring beast. A man named Dracogen will give you the next main quest Dracogen's Price. (He will also give you a side quest Broken Hearts)

There are multiple objects you can interact to gain XP and items, see our notes for info.

There are some side quests for you as well, the bullied merchant will give you Twice the Trouble. And if you bought the thief from the slaver, you can set him free and find him a job, Freedman. Brusca, a guard of Memovira, will give you quest Rumblings of Discontent.


  • ??





Memovira's Courtyard Sub Areas

  • None




Notable NPCs

  1. Waits-for-prey
  2. Dracogen






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